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United Automobile Insurance / Worst Insurance Company!!

1 Plano, TX, United States Review updated:

I was in a wreck October 23, 2008. At a stop light a car rear ended me hitting me into another car in front of me and then instead of hitting the brakes, the car behind me hit me again -TOTALLING my suv! Of course the person behind me had United Automobile Insurance and as you can imagine it is now February 15, 2009 and i am still waiting for my settlement check and my bodily injury check! The first month of my claim the Insurance company never contacted me and when we did finally get ahold of them they refused to take liability even though in the police report the car behind me admitted to hitting us and that they were not even paying attentin when the wreck occured! So UAI finally started to process our claim and told the body shop to go ahead and try to fix my car when the body shop originally told me it was beyond repair. Now UAI is trying to say that I told the body shop to start repairing my car. Even the body shop is arguing that I didnt tell them to start working on the car and that UAI told them to. The total damages to my car total over $8, 000 but they only want to give us half of that and give the other half to the body shop. I even got my insurance company (Allstate) involved and they got me a rental car for a month because UAI wouldnt pay for me a rental car. When discussing that I deserve the full amount my car is worth the woman that was in charge of my claim (Erica Subberath/Subberuth (check spelling for last name) starting laughing and cussing to my step father over the phone (the car was in his name). My mother contacted the Texas Board of Insurers and gave them our complaint and when United Automobile Insurance got contacted about it they completely lied about every detail of the claim and said that it was us that wasnt returning their phone calls and dragging our feet trying to resolve the claim! The body injury claim guy (Richard Green) that we were dealing with didnt call me for two and half months after the wreck. I was taken away in an ambulance from the wreck and they had no idea if i was alright or not, dead or alive.. and didnt seem too worried about finding out. I didnt have any broken bones or anything but it did keep me from working at my job for two weeks which is a big cut in my income being an independent college student. I had to have help getting up out of bed or getting into bed, standing up, getting dressed, etc.. because my body was so badly bruised and whiplashed. I FINALLY got my statement recorded with him two weeks ago on a monday which i was assured that i would hear back from Mr. Green at the end of the week but still, two weeks later going on three, have no heard back. I have left countless messages on Mr. Greens voicemail to contact me as soon as him can but still have heard nothing back.

We are finally going through our own insurance (Allstate) and they are going to take my car and giving me the full $8, 000 for the car, therefore United Automobile is going to have to pay the body shop whatever they owe them and still give me my bodily injury check.

If you have to deal with this company my heart goes out to you and buy lots of advil and maybe take up boxing or something to get all your anger out after having to talk to these incompetent claim adjusters!!

Its going on four months now and im praying i dont have to deal with these people ever again! Please stay away from United Automobile Insurance!!!

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  • Ho
      16th of Apr, 2009
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    I was rear ended at a red light also. I was dead stopped and the first at the light. The man who hit me could not speak english. I called his insurance company, received a claim number, and an appointment for an estimate - the cops were not called as my truck was only scratched - but the estimate was $750. The adjuster did not call me for weeks - when he did, he denied my claim saying that i put my truck in reverse at the red light and backed into his client. I happened to have eye witnesses - they refused to contact becauese they work in the same building - the accident happened less than a mile from my office at lunch time. I was lucky that people i knew saw it happen.

    I have filed complaints with TDI, BBB, TDI Fraud investigation, and ICE. I am not stopping - something criminal is happening here.

  • To
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    Yes I had a problem with somebody that had UAI company as they insurer, this happen a month ago and my case looks like is going to go for months.They already inspected my car and said that it's a total loss when a local body shop it's telling me it's not .And seems that every time I try to get an update they are missing another poece of paperwork either from me or their insured.This really sucks!!!

  • Se
      7th of Jul, 2010
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    I am soooo glad to have read these complaints and comments. I too am having to deal with UAI. It is now July, and I placed a claim with them back in April. The adjustor also took 2-1/2 months to even pick up the phone to call me! I sent the adjustor (Sherri Lopez), several faxes with supporting documents of every piece of paper I thought she might need. Now she's asking for another piece of paper that I have no control over, and said that I should have been aware of it back in April. They are soooo full of crap! They drag out and prolong settling their claims. There is one professional rep there (Todd Hawkins), who quickly handled his end of the claim, and settled within a month of the origination date. Whenever I call to speak to Ms. Lopez's supervisor, she immediately picks up the phone. Huh! She won't even return a phone call from any messages I leave for her, but she'll pick up instantly upon asking for a supervisor or her manager. I totally agree that UAI SUCKS, and I also hope to NEVER HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN! How can the Texas Auto Insurance Board allow them to keep their licenses to operate in this state? Totally unprofessional, lacking in attention to details, and they prolong their lawful responsibility to address these claims in a timely manner. When I last spoke to Ms. Lopez, she told me I may have to wait until July 26th before she can give me an answer or even discuss settlement, in lieu of the fact that I submitted all documents to her by early May. I even have doctors calling me requesting settlement of the bills, and they have spoken to UAI directly to no avail. How pompous can you get?

    If anyone has any idea as to how to expedite dealing with these people, PLEASE ADVISE! They are simply a joke and should not be in business!!

  • Th
      24th of Aug, 2010
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    My daughter was recently rear-ended in July 2010 by a driver that had absolutely no driver's license. There were no injuries and its apparent that the accident was the other driver's fault. I had my daughter call the police and make an accident report because I know all too well that driver's will lie about the facts of what actually occurred. Yes, he was issued a citation, but the owner of the vehicle had UAI. I had never heard of this company before at all however; I now know why. I have had the most difficult time dealing with this insurance company. The represenatives are unprofessional procrastinators with no effective communication. After a several weeks had passed, I contacted my claims adjuster (Maria Reyes) while on Military Duty. She explained to me that she wanted me to complete forms that she sent via mail with the self-addressed stamp and envelope. Needless to say, there was not a self-addressed stamp or envelope in the mailed correspondence and most of the information that is requested on the form was detailed on the accident report. I was to receive a self address stamp and envelope in a few days. It has been almost a month and nothing has been received via mail. She has since indicated via telephone that the claim would more than likely not be paid due to the fact that the (non-license) driver was not a driver on the policy after an adjuster had already come out to analyze the damages. I didn't have the opportunity to meet the adjustor (Amanda Castillo), but my daughter stated that she didn't say one word while analyzing the cost of the damages. She gave her a quote and left. However, the claims adjuster (Maria Reyes) was very rude. It's very ironic that the professionalism is unacceptable, expecially when I received a letter from the company stating the following: "This letter serves as acknowledgement of your claim. We look forward to resolving the claim in a prompt and equitable manner." Although I have turned all the investigating over to my insurance company (USAA), I will file a lawsuit against the owner of the vehicle too, especially if I have to pay for my own repairs using my insurance. In addition, I'm filing accomplaint with the Texas Board of Insurers, BBB, will notify the media, and writing a letter to my Govenor because something should be done regarding this insurance company. A class action lawsuit wouldn't be a bad deal.

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