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United Auto Credit Corporation / Rude, Harrassing, interogating, ripoff company

1 5575 DTC Parkway, Suite 125Greenwood Village, CO, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1 (720)489-7358

I have been harassed with phone calls up to 23 times a day after missing a car payment. The latest complaint that I have is towards an employee of UACC named Juan, He was completely unprofessional in his tone of voice and had a rude attitude towards me. He threatened that if I did not make my car payment on the day that my payment was due that he could not guarantee my account and that at any time he could come repo my car. I had dealt with him before to switch my due date to a date that would better suit my finances at the time; however, something came up that caused me to not be able to make my payment on that date but rather on the date that I was originally assigned, causing me to be behind about a month on my payment. I paid immediately on the next available pay date, and then paid again two weeks later to cath me back up on my account. I called Juan to have my due date switched back to the original date assigned to me, and here is where it became ugly. He told me that he has already switched my due date once and I failed to make my payment on that date. He said that he called numerous times to get a hold of me, which he did harassingly (up to 23 times a day on one occasion) and did not appreciate me not answering his calls. I told him my situation and why I needed to have my due date switched the first time, and then why I needed to have it switched back. It was either I have my car payment due date switched back, so that I would not be late making the payment for my car and not be late for paying my mortgage, which I would pay from the other pay period. He told me that my needs were no longer his concern and that he would not change the due date back. I then explained that my choices were going to be either make my car payment late or to pay my mortgage late. He said that I needed to make a choice right then and there as to pay my car payment or to pay my mortgage, but still he was not going to accomodate my needs. Telling me in an angered and sarcastic voice that I needed to make my car payment onthe date that he set up for me. The thing that upset me the most is he interrogated me by asking me what happened to the money from the last payment that I was suppose to make that I missed by two weeks. He asked me where I spent my money or if I spent it on something else. I am still waiting to speak with a manager to address this complaint. It seems though that every time I call he is not there or is busy and unable to take my call. I have left a message with the other staff to have my call returned by the manager, but have also not received any phone call. I would not recommend this company to my very worst enemy. They will do nothing but mis-treat you, harass you, try to yell at you, interrogate you, threaten you, and rip you off severely. I have not even received a receipt of payment from this company in over 6 months. DO NOT USE UNITED AUTO CREDIT FOR YOUR FINANCING NEEDS.

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  • De
      23rd of May, 2009
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    They called me BEFORE my payment was even due and asked when I was going to make it. I may have been a day or 2 late depending on when I got paid during the week but never more than that. They call everyone I know asking whats going on eventhough its only been a day late. My mother recieved a call from them and they were very rude and when she asked how far behind I was and they said a day she flipped out on them. I may not have the best credit in the world but there is no excuse for the way they treat thier customers. Maybe if they didn't call all of thier customers a day late and harrasing them like they do they might be able to cut out some of thier costs and dare I say it give people a slightly lower interest rate. I've already paid my car off and I still have another 2 years of payments because of thier sky high interest rate. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with and I will never ever deal with them again. If I need a car and thier my only option I'll just go but a beater for a while I am never ever going to have anything to do with them ever again!!!

  • Ms
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    I've called the better business bureau 3 times about this company. I've been yelled at by their associates, hung-up on, called a child (after my payment was only 2 days late)! They never want to work out an agreement with me for late payments and constantly harass me over the phone, at work, and will call my listed refrences over and over again! Its absured. My payment has never been more than a week late, which is before the late fee is incurred, so why are they being allowed to haress me? Bad businsess handlings is what they are all about.

  • Ms
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    United Auto Credit is worse than dealing with a bill collector. They are unreasonable and extremley RUDE. Aside from calling EVERYONE that
    has the same last name as me they will also provide info to people that have
    nothing to do with the situation. I hate having to deal with them.

  • Bl
      2nd of Aug, 2009
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    UACC is the worst...I hate having to deal with them also! I will be so elated when I am done with this loan and I tell everyone I can NOT to get financed through this company. Even if they are the only ones willing to finance you DON'T DO IT!! You will really be sorry!!!

  • Li
      4th of Oct, 2009
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    I have been harrassed after having a perfect payment status for the past 3 years, I called in the begining of March to let them know that was returning my vehicle and that I wanted for them to make arraigment to pick it up. They have called my phone, and my work harrasing me and treatening me, when I have asked them to pick up the car. Two weeks ago "JEFF" called and my girlfriend answered the phone. It was told to my girlfriend that if we returned the vehicle the Company would take the payments out of the bank and thatwe would pay the vehicle regardless. I wonder if this is LEGAL...Anyway the vehicle has not been paid, does not have a tag nor insurance and is parked at my house awaiting for these people to decide what they want to do with their vehicle.

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