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Our law firm is investigating the filing of a Fair Labor Standards Act Collective Action against Unifirst for among other things, failure to pay overtime wages for route drivers.

If you have been a route driver for Unifirst, we want to speak with you as you may be entitled to compensation. We are only paid if we win or settle the case.

Call [protected] Anthony

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • UniFirst Corporation Customer Care's Response, Sep 02, 2016

    UniFirst takes pride in consistently conducting business in an honest and ethical manner, and we take customer service and satisfaction very seriously, which is how we have become a leader in our industry. We know it is extremely important that we explain all UniFirst program details and that we fully disclose the nature of any fees our customers may incur. It is our policy to advise every customer clearly about our terms and provide clear and concise agreement documentation. In this case, there seems to be some confusion in the communications of the agreed upon contract term in question, and we would like to investigate to help resolve the concerns. But in order to do so, we will need more information about this account. If this customer can send us all the company and contact information, we would like to escalate this matter for investigation and proper follow up. Customer Service: (800) 794-2706

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  • Si
      Jul 25, 2011

    He's soliciting because Cintas just paid out a huge overtime class action. The attorney's made out to the tune of 50 million dollars. surprised that they are going after unifirst? aramark, get ready you'll be next

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  • Sc
      Oct 28, 2011

    I have worked for UniFirst for a couple of years (im dying to get out but there are no jobs available) and let me say coming to this place was one of the worst mistakes ever

    -They lied to me about how much money i would make to lure me away from my old job. The number $100, 000 was supossedly "easy" to make. After i got her I quickly learned that a handful of people in very selct markets make that kind with most hovering around 40k
    -All employees work way more hours than we are compensated for. Our drivers only get paid percentage of the deliveries they make per week. They get nothing for all of the extra work they do. Same with the Sales dept. Our days are packed with setting and going to appointments so we are required to do all of our paperwork, proposals, etc on our own time. Im often wroking until about 9pm every night after i get home
    -they have no problem in pulling the "bait and switch" mentioned earlier. The sales process is about making competitors customers furious at their prractices (missing clothes, extra charges, price increases, not upgrading merch, etc.) but then once they get you hooked into a contract they do all of the same things that they accuse other companies of doing.
    -They claim that they have higher prices because they do a better job. Nope. It takes several weeks to get anything in for customers and they are a completely sue happy company against customers who want out of the bad agreements they were talked into
    -There is hardly ever any positive reinforcement. You begin getting threatened to be fired your first day and every day after
    _They brag about being the most profitable company in the industry and having the highest stock price, but that is just proof that they are overcharging. They find ways to make more money off of the same products as other companies. This is accomplished by underpaying employees, using crappy merchandise and tones of extra charges on the customers bills
    hopefully the economy will turn and I'll be able to get out of here. Until then I guess i"ll just live with being yelled at every day for not doing a good enough job of getting more money out of my customers

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  • La
      Aug 01, 2012

    The lawsuit needs to start somewhere. Delivery drivers work 50 to 60 hrs a wk, driving poorly maintained trucks. More drivers are needed to spread out the routes, by chance provide better customer service. Management needs classes on organization, no consideration in regards to delivery area, how much is being delivered, spend $30 in fuel to deliver a $3.50 order. They figure they can overcharge the next customer and make up for the lost. Uni-First is #1 on my list of WORST companies. They are never at fault for damaged or stained products. Their Billion dollars earned just means, there are a lot of customers they sued to get money for their poor products and service sold by Uni-First. Not good honest money earned by providing a quality product and having integrity. They say the Customer comes first, in reality profits are first, then Customers are at the bottom of the their list.

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  • Jo
      Aug 15, 2016

    I keep finding items that have been canceled returning back on our invoices... we canceled the floor mats WEEKS AGO because they were not being cleaned (isn't that the point of using UniFirst?!?!) and now we are not only being charged for the mats but now "mat protection" is being billed to us AFTER we canceled our mats. Besides the fact that UniFirst has raised our rates by an amazingly large upcharge of about one dollar per employee per week, we are completely and utterly dissatisfied with UniFirst..the shirts do not look cleaned at all it's an embarrassment to have our lawn care guys out there for the public to see! All of these little charges that keep popping up is just ridiculous--it's different every week. I feel sorry for the other business owners that don't have someone watching every single bill that comes in from UniFirst and just paying the bill not even knowing they're being taken advantage of. The CEO, sales people, fact all employees of UniFirst should be losing sleep for taking advantage of businesses just trying to survive in our competitive world of small to medium businesses. I'm not sure how they can be proud of what they do selling this crap and slapping the chains on us with a long-term contract. We are stuck though so I will keep my eye on these bills every week and continue deducting charges that are false. Whatever you do DON'T SIGN A CONTRACT! Go to Walmart, buy five pairs of dickies pants and five polo shirts and have your local embroiderer do your company logo on the shirts, it will be MUCH CHEAPER in the long run!

    Signed disgusted with UniFirst...

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