S Nov 28, 2017

Dear Under Armour Team, There is an awful service in Turkey. I bought a tight to my 8 years old son, after one basketball practice, there was a whole in it. I returned the product 2 days after purchasing to the store. Investigaton took 9 days to give me an answer. They said that there is a fault of consumer. My son's fault is to fall for once in basketball practice. I paid around 45 USD to the product. In the same day I had baught basketball shoes, socks, sweatshirt and paid around 210 USD to Underarmour. I am so disappointed to get such unsatisfied service from Underarmour. They are not representing your company professionally in Turkey. I lived in USA and I am aware how customer experience is important for an American company. As I could not find anyone in Underarmour who understood my point and who helped me, I am writing you desperately. I will lose my 45 USD, but will never buy your goods again if I am not not helped and listened. Customer experience does not end when you pay it. Therefore I ask your support to help me and to tell the local team in Turkey that their way of service does not fit your company standards. I am asking the exchange of the tight, not a refund a product that is used for once not used for months. I hope you understand me and help me. My name is Senem Sarac My address is senem.[protected] My mobile number is [protected]. Thanks for your kind support. Kind regards Senem

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