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on october 30th i came across a post on facebook belonging to the well known tv celebrity eamonn holmes where he recommends the products intenseX and extreme-shred.The products arrived promptly costing me 3.75 and 1.75 pounds sterling as advertised. Today i checked my bank account and discovered your company made two unauthorised withdrawals of 94 and 99 pounds sterling. I went through with the purchase having been led to believe that it would cost me a maximum of 5 pounds sterling. I was confident at the time as it was endorsed by a respected television journalist namely eamonn holmes OBE. I would be most grateful if you could refund me 193 pounds sterling to my account otherwise i will have to put it in the hands of the ombudsman. Kind regards Thomas Wynne. email [protected]

Nov 14, 2018

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  • Fa
      Feb 08, 2019

    they did exactly the same to me, in January 2019 i ordered their free trial which is advertising everywhere & i paid £3.75 & £1.75 & i noticed in February 2019 they have collected 2 sums of : £99.00 & £94.00 ( total of £193.00 ) from my account without my permission & authorisation, isn't these actions fraud ? how easy they are conning & fooling the people, who is going to stop them ? now i have fully lost all my trust even to these products as i am feeling if they are easily taking advantage of peoples trust & stealing from them, definitely it is possible that these product is fake & rubbish same as their service & we got to be careful about their product as well & God knows what are these tablets .
    Farzin Inanloo : fh.[protected]

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