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My first experience with was on black friday. I filled my online cart up with products then tried to check out. The online coupon didn't work, but after two long phone calls, a representative told me he would credit my account for the coupon. (He did not.)

After I placed the order, one of the products I ordered was out-of-stock. This was a featured item — there were three very similar choices for similar prices. Instead of being told clearly that the product would not be sent, or even better, offering me a substitute, I was "notified" in small, faint gray print on the shipping notice, and the cancelled item wasn't specified. It wasn't I received the order that I realized it was my daughter's big present.

Before I learned of the missing item, I placed a second order with Again, I had major problems checking out which required a couple of long phone calls. This time, customer non-service did not even try to help with the coupon.

Finally, I figured out the problem on my own. Some of the products didn't qualify for a discount due to their method of shipping — ground only. Although I had more than enough qualifying products to use the coupon, and I chose ground shipping for all the products, the computer would have none of it. By placing two separate orders — both of which were large enough to qualify for free shipping — I was able to use the coupon on addition, by placing two orders, I received free samples in both orders. Stupid on's part — they only paid more. A big pain in the butt from my perspective.

I wrote customer non-service to give them a chance to redeem themselves, but they never replied.

Ulta has no backorder process. Why? I shop with dozens of online stores and have never had any difficulties. I am very unlikely to purchase from in the future and would never recommend it to a friend. An enemy, maybe.

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