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Ulta makes it impossible to reach them to get my money back. They shipped me less than half of my over 200 dollar order. When I called to resolve the issue they told me. (after 3 calls and 2 supervisors) that they could not help me because a "corporate policy" limits refunds to 65 dollars. I tried to reach corporate offices and was routed to a voicemail box. they never responded to my messages or to the contacts I left on the website "contact us" link. At this point I still have not gotten my money back from them and they have still not responded. The only help the customer care supervisor offered was for me to contact my bank and dispute the charges. I didn't do anything wrong and my bank didn't do anything wrong. Ulta made a mistake and didn't ship my order. They are not taking any responsibility or making any attempt to stand behind their service. I am very upset and will never shop with them again and encourage others to avoid them as well.

Dec 21, 2014

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