Ulta Store Complaints / manager rude to me and own employee

Upland, CA, United States

I was in not too long ago at the Upland, CA location. The sales associate (Jessica) who had rung me up had been extremely helpful not to mention very sweet and kind. I had been in to return a few items so we waited for a manager to assist with the return (from what I understand the sales girls can't do returns without a manager code or key or something). After about 5 minutes of waiting the manager finally came and he seemed very annoyed like he didn't want to be there or help in any sort of way. He was an older man, Caucasian.Now that I remember, he is the salon manager because he did my daughter's hair once (never again!). So, the return/exchange is processed but I also had a few merchandise vouchers I wanted to use and this is where it got ugly. Jessica told me she was going to call the manager again because he needed to sign the vouchers or something so when she rang for him he seemed like he was going to hit something or someone like he just didnt want to do his job. After she had asked him about the voucher and issuing me a new one he said in a very rude and harsh condescending tone, "I dont know! Why don't you ask another manager because I cant help you ok? I'm not supposed to be at the cash wrap!" I felt really bad for her because she was really sweet and just doing her job. Sure, he should not have had me waiting so long to process my return and issue me a voucher but I felt he was very unprofessional both toward me and his employee. He needs to get whatever is stuck up his a** and find another place to manage or not manage at all. I really hope something is done about this because I love that store and I love nice employees, I wouldnt want her or any other nice employee to quit just because their manager was a total jerk to them. thank you for your time.


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