Ultaissue with service at cashier (ashley)

I went for haircut service at ulta jonesboro since I was new to this place and was not aware of good places around the area. I had a decent hair cut from morgan who was respectful enough and catered to my request. What put me off was the lady named ashley at the cashier. She was extremely arrogant right from the time I waited to make payment. First of all she did not even acknowledge my presence while I was waiting and she just went to the cashier counter pretending not to care if I was waiting or not. I waited not knowing if she was ready to attend to me. But after a while I realized she is not gonna communicate and that I should show myself to the counter. Then she asked if I had loyalty program and when I answered no, she started asking all my details for loyalty program without even asking if I wanted to join. Then she just hands me the loyalty card at which point I was so frustrated. I wasn't aware she was asking my details for loyalty program. I was already regretting coming to this place. And then when it came to payment, a normal approach would be to ask if I want to tip and if yes, how much. But instead she asks "how much tip would you be paying".See Top 10 Worst Companies in Jonesboro, ARObviously I had got a decent hair cut service and was happy and would put down a good tip. But when you arrogantly ask "how much tip would you pay" without even asking if I want to put down a tip or that if I had got what I was looking for, this is such extremely unprofessional behavior that I would probably not even expect from a third grade local stores who wouldn't know a thing about customer fact I have never had such an experience even from small local stores. But a store like ulta which has global foot steps and claim to have a brand image, I was hoping that you would have your employers trained on some basic obvious skills on how to not be rude, arrogant, and be professional in the way they communicate with customers. I intended to do some shopping after my hair cut but I was so off put by her attitude that I decided not to get anything ever from ulta jonesboro. I don't get that how ulta can hire people without these basic skills that don't even require any training (it is just common sense) to handle a branded store. I always give a benefit of about when I am not happy with service, but this experience has too far for me not to even try to bring it to notice.
- jyothi

May 01, 2017

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