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Benton, AR, United States

I work at the ULTA store in Benton, Ar. I was guaranteed 5 hours a week minimum for part time yet last week I got 0, this week I got 4 and I am once again not on the schedule for this coming week. I have repeatedly asked for as many hours as I can get and gotten 4 at most if any! The general manager has 600 hours to devide for the week. There are other part time employees who are getting 30 hours. There are employees who are only getting 4 hours or getting completely bumped off the schedule all together. We were also told that there would be positions available for lead cashier's. Those were apparently chosen as soon as we opened the store. I believe there is favoritism from the general manager of our store, Lizzi. Half of the beauty advisors didn't even get a chance to be lead cashier's. There are several beauty advisors who bust their butt every shift but only get 4 hours a week if that and then the ones who get 15+ are 100% lazy. Not cleaning the store or stocking shelves or doing anything to help, just meandering around till shifts over. I specifically asked Lizzi for as many hours as I could get till the end of the month. She gave me ZERO! I am not on the schedule at all after she said she would give me some! I am not the only employee who is upset by her bad managerial skills. This needs to be addressed.

Sep 14, 2017

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