Ulta / absolutely horrible experience

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I hope I am speaking about the right person. This person is a heavy set japanese looking woman about 40. She states she is the gm of the store in Tucson, Az at the Park Place Mall. This person should NOT be in customer service nor in any line of service. She is one of the most arrogant, rude, women I have ever met. She treats her customers as if they owe her something, doesn't have the time of day for them, and feels that she can do no wrong. My experience in the store was absolutely horrible. No one paid any attention to me and the only time I asked for help, I was treated as if I were an imposition to the store. I asked for help on selecting a shampoo and I was made to feel as though I interrupted the daily chat session at the cash registers. Disdain and rude behavior is not what I came for, assistance was. I will never step foot into an ULTA again, nor will anybody I can warn about this vile store. It is nothing more than a poorly run Walgreens, and who would get their hair cut at Walgreen's? This dirty, disfunctional place should be banned from the Park Place Mall and go back to residing next to Pets Mart. But then, who would take their pet to an ULTA? I hope that you discipline your employees or at least let them know they are not meant for servicing customers. Unfortunate shopper in AZ.


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