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Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) in Kharkov/Ukrainian Marriage Agency


ukrainian fiancee marriage agency (ufma) scam: beware of fraud and theft

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Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA)
I have not filed any complaints against Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) located in Kharkov, but I am now because of the libel posted against me by user CB12 and the blatant misrepresentation in facts. Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) is indeed a scam and guilty of fraud and theft.

There have been and are cases where UFMA has left profiles of girls up when they are not active, which is fraud because it is using the girls information to lure guys to the agency to pay for whatever. In one specific incident, a girl asked Sergey to remove her profile in June 2011 and he did not. A guy sent a letter to this girl in November 2011 and got a reply, however, an agency translator responded to the guy by way of a letter saying he or she was the girl. Immediately after, the girl was contacted and she had no knowledge that the guy had written to her or that the the agency translator responded to the guy that wrote to her. Additionally, the girl was asked if she knew her profile was live on the UFMA website and she said NO and then told that she had asked Sergey to remove it in June 2011 and he did not.

The girl then called Sergey and told him to remove it. This means for 5 months UFMA used this girls details to defraud guys. Another way that Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) defrauds guys is when guys by jewelry and other gifts for the girls.

I personally purchased a gold pendant for a girl and asked for delivery photos. I received 7 delivery photos and the gold pendant was NOT shown in ANY of them. When the girl was asked if she received the gold pendant she said NO and the jewelry box was empty in the delivery photos.

With respect to the libel against me above by user CB12, I sent the following in an email to Complaint Board:


In complaints: https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/ukrainian-fiancee-marriage-agency-ufma-ukrainian-marriage-agency-mail-order-bride-online-dating-c586161.html and https://www.complaintsboard.com/bycompany/ukrainian-fiancee-marriage-agency-ufma-ukrainian-marriage-agency-mail-order-bride-online-dating-a418567.html user CB12 libelled me. I DO NOT own porn studios and travel to Ukraine to recruit Ukrainian women. Additionally, there are NO copyright or identity problems associated with Carrie Joslin and the model of concern has full knowledge of what is going on. Please remove this libel immediately.

I DID NOT make any complaints so saying that I made those complaints is a LIE and calling me an international scammer is libel. Again, please remove the libel and if it hasn't been removed within 24 hours I will contact my attorney regarding this matter.

Thank you,
William Pike
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A  7th of Feb, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Very serious issue! Fully agree. Please bookmark or pass the complaint URL to friends so that more guys do not get defrauded. URL: https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/ukrainian-fiancee-marriage-agency-ufma-in-kharkov-ukrainian-marriage-agency-c586611.html#comments
A  7th of Feb, 2012 by    +2 Votes
You're right GEOMMM, however, I had been communicating with this girl regularly by way of Skype and I did a foolish thing in trusting the agency based on interactions I had with it. The girl involved has left the agency on her own and didn't want to take part in anymore of the deception. Regardless, as you say, it was a stupid thing to do. Thanks for the comment!
A  8th of Feb, 2012 by    +2 Votes
A little background on user CB12. I suspect CB12 to be a person named Alex from the UK who sought out a model at Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) for the purpose of wanting to harm her. Alex is also on a vendetta against mail order bride (MOB) agencies, which UFMA is. This person should be considered dangerous and unstable based on behaviors he has exhibited online.

This person has many aliases and a few that Alex used that are known recently include; Jon_k on ruadventures, fungus on XNXX, Kremnef on XNXX, Ronald-Hard on XNXX, and WhosEggRover on XNXX. It is NOTHING new for Alex to attack and complain about MOB Marriage Agencies as he has attacked and complained about MANY agencies via internet aliases that he has. Also, it is NOTHING new for Alex to stalk women online and in some cases for the purpose of wanting to harm them.

This is serious, beware of this guy.
A  8th of Feb, 2012 by     Best Advice +6 Votes
TruthINowTold, you correct about UFMA being a scam and full of fraud. You are also correct in that Russian/Ukrainian women are not the only women in the world. Amen to that!
N  8th of Feb, 2012 by    +3 Votes
This sums it up, I would say.

N  11th of May, 2012 by    +1 Votes
I think men who have not had direct dealings with UFMA and other similar agencies need to understand the full meaning of scam:
It means that the women/profiles on the site cannot be trusted because some are real, and some are not. It does not mean all the profiles and letters are false.
From personal experience I traveled to Ukraine 3 years ago after corresponding with over a hundred women for over 2 years. I managed to obtain over 30 phone numbers. When I reached Ukraine, I found only 30 -35% of the women could actually meet and knew who I was. -- even though all of them wrote they could meet me. Only 15 % were real. The rest were simply professional daters or just wanted me to spend money on them. That being said, I did find 5 real women. So the numbers are not good, but if all you want is one real woman to marry -- then, it is likely you will find her.
N  6th of Jun, 2012 by    -3 Votes
I had direct dealing with UFMA. It is not a scam! I found my woman there!

They always delivered my gifts and I got photos.

See my photos and write me on email for more proof if you don't believe!

UFMA is a great help to find a Ukrainian woman. Sergey is a great person too.

kevintca7 gmail . com

N  17th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
i try found a good agency of marriage in ukrain.pls give me addres.
my emial : naznazy110 2yahoo.com
A  14th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
hi all,
sorry to tell you this, but this site UFMA will bleed you dry. I was in correspondance with a girl, who wanted to write to me, so we did develop something over 7 months writing every week several times. When I went to meet her, I paid the agency fees, then met her. Well, it was like she never wrote any of the emails, and after the first brief encounter, she disappeared. The agency had no explanation and wanted to offer more girls, fees, translation etc. I was devastated, and heard the same story from other people there about the agency.
At least I kept the engagement ring, jewellery and other cash before I was cleaned out completely...
N  20th of Jun, 2013 by    +1 Votes
the lady didn't want to meet with you because she didn't see the continuing in your relations. This was the explanation.
And you got a FREE meeting with another lady because we saw you were disappointed. Though we didn't have to do this.
After this YOU disappeared.
And please let know what OTHER people you heard the story from? This is very interesting.
Please don't write not true things like most of them here.
All the best!
N  21st of Sep, 2013 by    0 Votes
this agency is full of scam and fraud.do not trust sergey.I had a almost a year contact with a girl via this agency.I was prepared myself to meet her.everything went well, until, sergey wrote an e-mail and said, she is not available, because her mother is sick...it was just bull ###...later, I found out, he introduced me a professional daters!!and not a real lady!!!
N  14th of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
Your comment is a fake.
We never had such case.
And never had a client with such name as yours.
And even if someone's mother is ill and a girl can't meet at the moment, it doesn't mean that the agency is a scam. The ladies are not the dating robots with no life.
Good luck.
A  16th of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
The Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency (UFMA) is indeed a scam - and in hindsight a fairly obvious one. I used it in 2012/13. Paid money for about 50 e-mails. Settled on one woman who appeared to be serious - though the "formulistic" style of her letters should have clued me in as to the ultimate dishonesty of them.

To make a long story short - after writing letters for over a year, I went all the way to Kharkov to see the woman. Suddenly she was out of town with a "family problem" and couldn't meet with me (I later learned this is a classic excuse). As I was on my vacation and had no work requirements, I wrote to her "no problem, I will wait." Second week out of town. Third week, out of town. Fourth week, still out of town. Finally, at the end, I suppose she (or whoever was posing as her) got frustrated with my attempts and told me directly she has a boyfriend and has to end the correspondence with me!

So please - save your money - and stay far away from this dishonest agency. Spread the word too. There are many nice and sweet people in Ukraine and in Kharkov. Take the time to get to know them as I was able to do while I was there and you will have a much greater probability of finding someone for your life. All the best!
N  11th of Sep, 2014 by    +1 Votes

Please understand that the UFMA doesn’t control all 200 ladies who are in the Gallery, we can’t control their movement and lives. They are free to go wherever they go. And it doesn’t mean that the agency is a scam if a lady went to see her relatives. I don't remember a man in 2012 who didn't meet the lady he was talking with though.

The effective strategy is to talk to several ladies and then come and see them and choose the best match. It is not recommended to concentrate on just one lady.

I underline that all messages are written by the ladies themselves and all women at Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Agency are real and serious.

Please see the marriages and testimonials, also the video reviews of our agency:

Once again, we don’t control each particular lady. But we work for every client for him to achieve success in this. And we helped dozens of people.

If you have any questions or remarks, write to us:


N  29th of Oct, 2014 by    0 Votes
hello, does anybody know the adress of the agency UFMA ? The adress is not published in the homepage !
N  15th of Jan, 2015 by    -1 Votes
Dear Egon,

UFMA does not publish or reveal an actual address, because it is a scam. They probably work out of different locations or out of someone's apartment. The only way to find an actual physical location would be to travel to Kharkiv and arrange with them to meet a person to whom you may have been corresponding. But as many have testified and as I have personally experienced, these women do not exist. You will be introduced to another and slowly milked dry of your financial resources. So best not to get involved with them at all.
N  10th of Mar, 2015 by    0 Votes
Dear Peter5.
How can you write that you've experienced meetings at UFMA if you say we work from someone's apartment?
If you were really here, you would know that we have the office in the city center.
So please don't write another fantasies.
N  10th of Mar, 2015 by    0 Votes
Dear Egon,
We give our physical address to our members by request.
A  23rd of Aug, 2015 by    -2 Votes
I used UFMA to meet women on two occasions. The first time was in 2010 or 2011. I had no complaints as the meetings I had went well and there were two women I liked. Unfortunately things didn't work out. I don't blame the agency for that as I decided who to continue seeing. I even left a video endorsement of UFMA.

My second experience in April 2015 (this year) was very different however. I had been writing on and off to a few women and decided the time had come to go back to Kharkov. Since my first experience had been good I was sure everything would go well. How wrong I was! When I met the two women I had been corresponding with, it was as if we had never written letters. In their letters they were warm and telling me I was the man of their life, that they wanted to be with me. In person they were cold and their way of communicating was completely different than in their letters. I have no proof, but I suspect that the interpreters were writing to me, not the ladies themselves. And they had no time to meet me, despite assurances that they would make time and even take time off work so we could get to know each other. Sergey did make other introductions without charge, but all of the women needed interpreters and UFMA charges $25/hour of translation (it's $10 to $15 everywhere else), which is more than double what other agencies charge. This is how UFMA really makes its money. And only one of the women was prepared to meet me without an interpreter, despite all of them telling me in letters that they had no problem seeing me without an interpreter. Very strange, don't you think? They have a real office, but that doesn't mean anything. Anyone can rent office space.

My conclusion is that either UFMA is scamming people or at the very least the women using UFMA's services are not serious about finding love and getting married. Of course Sergey will tell you it's not true. But it's not possible that a woman doesn't have at least a few hours a day that she can meet you. I have a demanding job and a busy life, but I can still find time to see someone for lunch or dinner. Don't use this agency. There are much better ones out there. And Sergey if you are reading this you should be ashamed! I asked you to remove my testimonial. I hope you did because I don't want to be associated with your agency. You owe me money for wasting my time and charging me $25/hour to meet women who aren't serious.

Jean=Francis Leclerc
N  8th of Jan, 2016 by    +2 Votes
Better tell how you got all kinds of discounts from me.
And the costs are officially stated and if you don't like the agreement that you signed with your hand - use all other agencies for 10 bucks per hour or else. And don't try to squeeze the additional discounts telling that you are the most poorest person in the world while living in the most expensive hotel in Kharkov.
Of course your testimonial has been happily deleted. Becase you are not serious in what you are looking for and women very well feel that.
All the best to you.

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