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I was with UFMA for almost 2 years. During that time I wrote to and chatted with primarily 2 girls. The first one, I corresponded with for a little over a year before visiting. She said I was the only one she was corresponding with and who she was interested in. Then I planned a 10 day trip to see her, which she promised to spend as much with me as possible. Right up to the morning of my trip, she said she couldn't wait to see me. But when I arrived and met her for the first time, she instantly didn't seem to care for me. I only saw her for an hour and a half the first night. The second day, she again only spent a couple hours over dinner with me. The following day, she said she didn't want to see me again, and that I should see other girls while I'm in town. I tried to reason with her through the agency, but they said she wouldn't change her mind. So I decided to meet a few other girls through the agency while I was in town. And I proceeded to correspond with another one primarily for another year. But over the years, I started to notice certain patterns of behavior that made no sense. Girls would claim that I was the only guy the were communicating with, but I'd find their profile online in the chat room during times when they knew I wasn't going to be available. When I would question them about it in a letter, her reply would be that I must've been mistaken and that she wasn't online during that time. At other times when I'd come online, she would instantly go offline and then come back online the moment I was offline. I can't say for sure whether the agency is playing games using the girl's profile to chat with guys, or if the girl is in on it. The girls I met in Kharkov seemed nice enough and genuine, but one never knows what arrangements they have with Sergey and the agency.

Over the years, I've sent numerous gifts, letters, chatted, and had video calls, with the girls. It's hard to put my finger on what didn't feel right, because they agency is very good at what they do. But I just had a bad feeling about little things along the way.

Another thing that I found suspicious was prior to my first trip, I had asked Sergey if after meeting the girl, could I exchange personal information such as phone number and email with her if she liked me. He said yes. But when I arrived in Kharkov and asked the same question on my first date, I got a lot of resistance from the translator who accompanied us on dates. But I left a business card in the gift bag I brought for the girl. You'd think though, if she really cared about me, she would've just emailed me outside of the agency right? I would have. Well she never did. What does that say about her true feelings.

While I was in Kharkov, I asked Sergey how many marriages their agency had produced. He refused to answer. To me that was a red flag. As long as they've been in business, wouldn't they have had a lot of marriages worth bragging about, if that was their genuine intention? Or even if they've been unsuccessful, wouldn't he at least try to explain some of the hardships of bringing men and women to the point of marriage? He did neither. He simply refused to answer my question.

I made my own arrangements for travel to Kharkov, including hiring my own personal assistant who made all my apartment reservations and so on. She warned me that a lot of agencies were scams and that I should be careful. On my first day going to UFMA, she accompanied me to their door, but then quickly left, saying that if the agency was a scam, they could cause trouble for her. I thought she was overreacting. But when I walked into the agency, Sergey asked me if I had any trouble finding the place. I mentioned that I had an assistant who accompanied me there. Well, he took off down the stairs to see who she was and came back looking a bit flustered. I thought that was very strange, but in hindsight, he might have been upset that I didn't hire UFMA to make all my travel arrangements.

I was also told prior to my trip that after the first meeting between me and my girl of choice, I could have my own translator and not use theirs. But upon arrival I was told that I had to use theirs for the whole time I was with their girl, and if I brought mine along in addition to theirs, I would forfeit the opportunity to have further dates with the girl. I think this is very suspicious, because it suggests that it wasn't only an issue of them making money through translation service, but they were also concerned that another translator may catch things they're saying in Russian that they didn't want me to know.

All in all, this was a learning experience for me. I would suggest not working with this agency. I have not found any honest agencies in Ukraine, though I suspect there must be some. I also wouldn't trust Anastasia International. I also ran into some scams there as well.

UFMA - Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Association
UFMA - Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Association
UFMA - Ukrainian Fiancee Marriage Association

Oct 09, 2014
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  •   Jan 26, 2016

    So where exactly is a scam here? Just a story, ideas and thoughts. And why do you hide your face and show ladies' faces if you are so real and serious? I don't remember who you are but in the above story I don't understand what we did wrong to you.
    Yes, at UFMA you can only use our translator. You don't come to the restaurant with your own chef to cook food for you, right? We don't need any others at our office too. This is clearly stated in the Agreement. If you don't like this - please use any other agencies or let your translator find you a girl somewhere. Otherwise you go with your translator and he makes money and then I need to be responsible for your couple and answer all questions?

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  •   Apr 06, 2016
    Best Best Advice

    this ufma agency seems like a legit business. I've been there last year. One lady wanted to marry me, but I didn't though :)

    +11 Votes
  •   Apr 27, 2016

    I'm married to a lady from UFMA for 3.5 years - all is good there, just need to meet the right person, pal.

    +5 Votes
  • Fr
      Jul 26, 2016

    I’ve decided to leave my feedback for all the UFMA users. Frankly speaking, I was not sure about my visit to Ukraine because I had a bad experience with marriage agencies before. But I had a great correspondence with one Ukrainian lady. And nothing could stop me from seeing her live! Desperate Romeo, I left all my fears behind and headed to Ukraine. I really enjoyed my staying here. UFMA team is very open and gave me a warm welcome.

    I had no trouble with transportation or accommodation whatsoever. I stayed in a comfortable apartment provided by Sergey. For many hours I strolled around the central areas of Kharkov. It is a beautiful city, indeed. Of course, the best impression I had was a meeting with my charming lady! She is an adorable creature. I was so afraid that my dreams would be shattered. But all went very fine. We spent a great time together and took enjoyable walks. Time flew when we were together and I fell in love even more when got to know her in person.

    Ukrainianfiancee Agency gave me a wonderful chance to find the woman of my life. Thank you, guys for your work! And good luck to all who are seeking women in Ukraine.

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  • Mi
      Sep 19, 2016

    Hey, I just returned from Kharkov and met some ladies I've been talking to at the Ukrainian Fiancee agency.
    If someone wants to save his time on searching a bride, this is a good place and the staff has a good experience.
    It has been a good time and I'm satisfied with the quality of service and women there. I recommend the Pushka restaurant in Kharkov too and the Panorama Massage place if someone is interested in some relaxing there (it is massage only lol).
    Michael Wellington

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  •   Nov 15, 2016

    I liked my experience with the UFMA. I met one lady in Kiev and one in Kharkov, both seemed genuine and nice. One of them took me out to a club one night, just the two of us, next day she took me around the city. Very nice experience. Going to come back in spring and meet the ladies again and hopefully make some decision. Write to me if you have any questions about Ukrainian Fiancee or the Ukraine, I’ll help with some advice [protected]
    Adam, Washington DC

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  •   Nov 17, 2016

    ufma's a very good agency. very personal attitude.

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  •   Nov 17, 2016

    good agency. i've dated a lady from there, but now lost my job and can't proceed with overseas dating. better come to ufma, don't chat too long, just meet a lady.

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  • Je
      Apr 25, 2017

    showing the photos of the ladies, but not showing yours? brave enough!
    the testimonial is about the "bad feeling" of a guy: no facts, no proof.

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  •   May 17, 2017

    I also used UFMA service in Kiev. All these feelings also were with me, but I've dated a lady and had sex and now we are in serious relationship, so I would not agree with the topic starter. Or maybe you were not lucky or didn't behave right.

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  •   Feb 08, 2018

    hey man, you just have to accept that the ladies didn't like you.
    the starting topic looks like complaining about nothing

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  •   Mar 20, 2018

    Guys, I have just been using UFMA, a week ago I returned to New York. I can say that these guys are great, they helped me very well with matchmaking.

    Here’s my story. I first tried to communicate with one girl from another agency and spent a lot of time on her, staying two weeks in Kharkov… and nothing really happened between us, we just went to diners and restaurants and a couple of times for shopping… I already saw that this does not lead anywhere, but I could not help it... Then I decided to do more dating and went to the UFMA website, talked to Sergei and came to their office… He picked a couple of women with whom I met and spent a few dates.

    These meetings were strikingly different from those that were with that girl I met online. I was not taken to expensive restaurants, no one was taking me shopping etc… I see that the women in Sergei's agency are very decent and modest and I really liked it.

    Now I will deal with the business and will soon come back to Kharkov to spend more quality time with them. So I can recommend the uFMA agency to anyone who is looking for a girl… They will treat you with attention and respect.


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  • Ca
      Dec 02, 2018

    @Norman WD. Hi Norman

    Good you had such a great time with ufma, is it ok if I write you to your email and ask a few questions?

    I have a genuine interest in ufma and dating abroad.

    Carl, Regards!

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  •   Apr 23, 2018

    I am sorry you had bad experience. Though I like my experience with UFMA. They always helped me with all I needed and I exchanged contacts with ladies no problems, we talk on Viber all the time.

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  •   Jun 27, 2018

    A friend of mine introduced me to this agency. He has found his wife there.

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  •   Mar 04, 2019

    I found my wife at UFMA too.

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  •   Jul 16, 2019

    I liked ukr fiancee, serheys agency.

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  •   Jul 16, 2019

    no, this is not a scam agency

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