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UDR / Don't rent from any of UDR properties

1 Ridge View CourtLake Ridge, VA, United States Review updated:
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I rented from this company and it was a living nightmare. They care nothing about you. All they care about is keeping a unit occupied. I wrote letter after letter, called the police on numerous occasion because of noisy tenants and I was told I needed proof that they were noisy. The tenants below and beside me slammed doors all hours of the night and played very loud music and the rental office did nothing. Very thin walls, you can hear your neighbors talk. They billed me for .09 cents after I always rounded my water bille UP to the next dollar. I finally asked to be let out of my lease. Then the kicker. They tried to charge me $100.00 for a satelite dish that was there when I moved in. They put my notice to vacate on the noisy neighbors door. They won't respond to calls or emails. I went to the regional office in Alexandria after moving out and the satelite ordeal and the regional manager Scott Hobbs would not come out to speak to me. Jerome Best and his assistant Antoine at Dominion Lake Ridge are the worst. I thought I was the only person there with problems. I have spoken with neighbors and they are moving to due to poor customer service. One neighbor is being charged for water damage because the valve on the toilet broke overnight while she was sleeping and they said she dropped the back of the toilet top on it. The toilet top popped off due to the pressure when the valve broke. She had complaints about the same noisy neighbors as they would leave my building and go above her and make noise. And I needed proof. Don't move there. Don't rent from any of UDR properties!!! You will regret it.

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  • Ha
      12th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Oh my goodness! If you only knew what my daughter has gone thru while living at a UDR property! She's desperately trying to get out of her lease but to know avail. They keep demanding all these made up charges and threatening to take her to court if she doesn't pay them. Then, someone was kicking down her front door trying to get into her apartment and damaged her door in the process. Not only did they do nothing for her safety but they charged her for the door!!

  • Mi
      18th of Feb, 2009
    +3 Votes

    They are the worst. I am currently going through a battle with them about the water bill. In the end, I am sure justice will prevail.

  • Mi
      1st of Apr, 2009
    +4 Votes

    UDR is unreal ... I am trying to finish off final bills with them after a short six month stay and they are adding all sorts of extra things on the settlement...I have tried to talk to managers of the property and their bosses... the property manager just hangs up on me and the higher up the line just ignore my calls ...they have now turned this phony bill over to a collection agency and I am in an impossible situation... STAY AWAY FROM UDR Especially Laurelwood in Magnolia TX...The propertyy is a high class slum with lots of rules and NO enforcement...these people are impossible to deal with

  • Ba
      10th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Hello everyone -- regarding UDR, we are a consumer advocacy group, Bad Biz Finder, that announced this week the formation of a Federal Class-Action Lawsuit againstLandlord, UDR, on behalf of California tenants.


    One of the causes of action for the lawsuit is UDR's illegal RUBS (Ratio Utility Billing System) formula that is illegal and constitutes UDR "selling enegry and water without being a utility) - very serious charge in that is in violation of the Public Utilities Commission.

    There are a total of 7 causes of action. Email me at if we can help. We are also helping folks in other states but we can only file one class action lawsuit at a time.

  • Sl
      7th of Oct, 2009
    Best Best Advice +5 Votes

    This is a nightmare! I have just moved into one of there apts. in Plano, Texas and I have tried working with the mgt. company about my move in and concessions that I was supposed to received on moving in and it was all a lie. They lied straight to my face. They are all very rude, stupid, irate did I say stupid, ok I did so I said it again. You are so right Bad Biz Finder...the property is a high class slum! They won't make there maintain or yard people pick up the dog poop that has been on the sidewalk or next to the sidewalk forever. I do many large amounts of dog poop! We also have ant beds on every corner pile up as high as your ankle and no one if doing anything about that also.

    These people are impossible to deal with or even have a meaningful conversation with. I would like to do whatever I can do to get these slum lords and make them pay for all of what we have endured. I will email you with my information to help get something started here in Texas.

  • Sl
      7th of Oct, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Hey I went to the website and nothing was there. What up with that?

  • Ab
      29th of Nov, 2009
    +2 Votes

    As a current UDR "victim" here in North Texas I can agree with the sentiments on this board 100%. Though I have no problem with the staff at this particular complex, the corporate mantra and overly-aggressive balls-to-the-wall billing and collection policies are way past what's acceptable in a civil society. In fact, I believe they violate the Texas Landlord Tenent Act and numerous Federal Laws and regulations including Executive Order 1289.

    I am actively petitioning HUD and the Texas Attorney general to investigate (if not sanction and penalize) UDR for these predatory and predudicial practices.

    Spread the word. AVOID UDR PROPERTIES AT ALL COST!!!

  • Er
      7th of Apr, 2010
    +3 Votes

    I live in a UDR property in Central FL and I havent had any of these problems. Whenever theres an issue I go straight to the leasing office and management takes care of it. I was in a very bad situation with my previous landlord (a slumlord) and had to move and move quick to get my children out of that bad enviroment. This was the only place where I was able to move in within 3 days. The only problem that I have had so far was lack of parking spaces and slamming doors. But other than that I cant complain. They are very friendly, have dounuts and coffee for us for free every saturday in the office and once a month for those whom have a birthday that month they have cake and coffee in the office for them at a certain date that month. Well I guess I do have one other minor complaint and thats the playground isnt located in the best of spots on the property its about a 10x10 little playground and its in the middle of the parking lot. I have a tot and a baby so its pointless for us to go there. So i guess its all as to where your located as to how u get treated. but Mallards isnt all that bad at all.

  • Mr
      2nd of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have been living at a UDR property for about 3 years now in Woodbridge and it's been very nice. I haven't had any issues and the only time the maintenance has been inside my apartment is to change out my filters. I've had some issues with different neighbors, but the management seems to respond quickly and everything ended up being fine. I will probably renew my lease here because it is affordable and quiet.

  • To
      3rd of Sep, 2010
    -1 Votes

    They are the worst. I am currently going through a battle with them about Termites. I have Queen Termites flying around my apartment. They Are coming through the vent in my bathroom. I have killed over 100 of them. They are telling me that its a "NUISENCE". I have a 1 yr old and a 5 yr old I am concerned for the health and well being of my kids. I will be Calling my local health department first thing tomorrow morning. I am so frustrated with Susan, Marie, Monique, Victor here at Villas At San Dimas Canyon. I wouldnt recommend this place to anybody unless you dont mind a sliding glass door not locking, a toilet leaking, Ac breaking down on you in the middle of summer, and killing termites on your day off.

  • Ly
      4th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I too have had the same issues with UDR and more.
    Living here in towson, md. not even 6 weeks, I have been to court twice now.
    They first gave me three different amounts for my rent. I emailed them 27 times, yes 27 asking for a lease so I could have the correct amount. I was told there new computer software was giving them issues and they were unable to provide me with one. Then I received three emails again with three different amounts! They then had a nerve to take me to court with late fees and court costs when the only thing I was trying to do was pay my rent. Of course I did win in court but it should never have went that far.
    Then the weekend we moved the freight elevator was broke. We had to carry our things a little less than a quarter of a mile and I had to pay a little over a thousand dollars to hire additional help on a emergency basis! When I complained to them I was told I would be "compensated" for January's rent. As stated in all my emails no response at all until 1/12/2011 and still that email dd not address the compensation issue.
    It's sad I started emailing them on January the 1st and I receided no response until January the twelth. I also received no lease until January the 16th. Still no response about compensation and this is February the 3rd.
    I also had a list for several items to be repaired.Not one was addressed until after we went to court and they received their rent.
    A Professional Company? I don't think so. Petty? Very much so! I also don't understand the water bill. They divide it between all the residents? Is this legal?
    This place is expensive to get this type of unprofessional service.
    That is a understatement!! I can't wait to move out of here!!
    I knew I wasn't alone!

  • Sh
      21st of May, 2011
    +3 Votes

    wish i had read these before moving in a UDR property in Virginia Beach, Va. First of all parking is a joke. there are more vistors parking than and my husband have to park two or three blocks away sometimes because we only get one space which our work trailor is parked becasue they wouldnt let us put it in a visitors space. So now we are sitting ducks. Becasue I complained about this often, they resprayed all the spaces, with no changes of course, but skipped over our spot. i cant believe how childish and the lack of manager skills. The floorboard throughout the whole apt are week. sounds like you're gonna fall thru the floor at any giving minute. I know I live in an apt, but the walls are soooo thin, if I go in my bathroom, I can hear average level conversations. Even when me and my husband want to be intimate in the privacy of our home, we have to shut the bathroom and bedroom door and turn the radio on just to feel secure. When you complain all they do is look at you as if they only have a first grade education.

  • Ud
      8th of Oct, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I am having a terrible experience with UDR at their complex in nn, va(forestlakes). Now you can only pay rent online with a credit card. I paid mine online on 10/1/2011 and got confirmation number. On the 3rd, my money was still in my account so i called them and asked why they have not taken their payment. They said it take s24 to 72 hours to process sometimes. On the 5th, the money is still in my account. I call them for them only to tell me that they claim my bank sent the payment back as nsf (which i a $75 FEE!!) ANd that now i am also considered LATE.!!AND am told to call my bank which i did and they have no record of udr ever even attempting to get a pymt from me so they r lieing abt my bank sendind it back as msf cuz my money is obviously in my account ad has been there. i have had to have my bank email them several different documents showing this, only for them to still tell me that is not good enough! i want out!! What to do cuz im only 3 mths into my lease?

  • Je
      24th of Feb, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Let me know of any potential class action lawsuits in Texas. This management company needs to be stopped. They particularly prey on single moms and young people.

  • Me
      5th of Mar, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I had the same thing happen to me around that same period of time UdrVictim (it must have been a site wide problem) -

    Only I "paid" my rent a few days in advance...The 1st rolled around, and I was concerned because they hadn't taken my money, and it was still in my bank account as well.

    Just like you, I called my bank and was also informed that they didn't even attempt to take my money. I was told the EXACT same thing you were, albeit I didn't think that their "it takes 24-48 hours" mumbo jumbo was acceptable, so I pressed the envelope.

    I ended up getting it straightened out with the leasing office by calling their corporate office to complain about it.

    As far as what everyone else is saying - Yes, I too have had a bad exp. with UDR.

    The property in which I reside in Florida is terrible - walls are thin, bug problems (ants and roaches mainly), plugs slip / are loose, they didn't bother to change the carpet before we moved in, the water heater leaks on occasion, and both toilets were running when we moved in... the counter tops in the kitchen are warped, and the appliances are anything but "updated" they're models from the '80s albeit in nice condition... the neighbors are terribly noisy, and the crime is RAMPANT - and they NEVER catch the perps, you can also often hear gun fire at least once a week.

    In fact, we just got another gate because the cops rammed down the last one with their cruiser. This complex has a bad problem with muggings and carjackings - never mind the lady they found bound and gagged behind our building after being raped last year.

    I want to break my lease in the worst way, but don't want to pay the termination fees even though I fear for my families safety. Thankfully our lease is almost up (we have to give 2 month notice in writing by May 17th - otherwise the lease AUTO RENEWS!

    That's another thing to watch out for...If you don't give them 60 days notice from the end date of your lease that you won't be renewing it will auto renew - and who knows how much your rate will go up.

    I think 60 days is excessive and auto renew is ridiculous...They can't keep people in this place...I watch people leave in droves, and I can't wait to be one of them.

  • Fo
      7th of Dec, 2012
    +2 Votes

    Do not lease property from UDR. I leased from Crescent Falls Church and all of the experiences expressed here are true. They are completely inflexible with respects to lease terms. I am surprised that they have not changed their business practices given all the complaints and lawsuits.

  • Ve
      25th of Jan, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Does anyone know who manages there properties. Does UDR do it themselves or do they use a third party company?

  • Ny
      27th of May, 2013
    +3 Votes

    I lived here for a month and a half. After several issues with the property management (UDR) and the insure management company. I decided to move and asked to be let out of my lease. After much battle I moved out before my lease ended and left hem a written notice and delivered it straight to their office. They of course had no record or recollection of this and a couple weeks after I moved out sent me a $22, 000 bill for breaking my lease! I went to my old aptartment to clean up and check mail on a weekly basis and there was NO pay or quit notice OR any EViction notice. I highly suggest NEVER RENTING ANY OF THESE APARTMENTS ESPECIALLY 2775 Previously known as Villa Genetia in Cista Mesa, CA

  • Mi
      24th of Sep, 2013
    +2 Votes

    This was a letter that I sent to UDR after we were told our lease was not being renewed. NEVER RENT FROM A UDR PROPERTY AGAIN!!

    First and foremost, when we came to see these apartments before agreeing to move in, we were shown a model that was certainly not what we were given. We addressed the fact that there was a bait and switch (something that has been brought to my attention by other residents as being common practice here). Upon moving in, we found that there were MANY things wrong with our apartment.

    The refrigerator had many missing pieces, which I will agree was replaced shortly thereafter. However, the replacement refrigerator had a defective ice maker. Also, the doors were installed backwards. I addressed it with Wilson, who was the maintenance manager at the time. They sent someone to fix the doors and "attempt" to repair the ice maker. I was advised that a new one was to be ordered and indeed it was. A maintenance worker came to install it and, not surprisingly, it did NOT work. They stated that it may be the water line. So, they went a purchased a new water line. They came and installed the water line and it still did not work. After several other attempts, I finally got tired of having people in here who could not get things done right and decided to look at it myself. Low and behold...the maintenance worker NEVER TURNED THE WATER LINE ON. This appeared to work for approximately a month or two. Then, once again, the ice maker stopped working. A new maintenance worker came in and looked at it. He said that he was going to order another one and come in to replace it. I even told him to feel free to come in when I was not here so he can work on it. Well, he NEVER came and still...NO ICE MAKER. This, though, is the tip of the iceberg.

    When we moved in, we were in disbelief of how the thermostat wiring was done. It was a complete rig and blatant code violation. We addressed this with maintenance, office, management, and even UDR headquarters. Someone came in and installed a new thermostat. Well, not surprisingly, it DID NOT work. Luckily, Daniel is AC certified and did AC work in Miami, so he fixed it himself. However, the wire was still out of code. After months of discussion and false promises of having someone come in, someone was subcontracted and fixed the wire to bring it up to code.

    The next dilemma was the issue with the cabinets. The kitchen cabinets were in deplorable condition and were completely moldy. This situation was the biggest headache for me because a quick fix was the recommended solution; just repaint them. Someone came in and repainted the cabinets. Once again, the job was done so poorly that you could see the dried up paint dripping and paint did NOT cover the mold. i mentioned my allergy to mold, advised of the health concern that I had with these cabinets, contacted the maintenance manager (which at this time was a new gentleman), contacted the Community Director, which was someone else at the time too (Joy, perhaps), and contacted UDR Headquarters. After months, and months, and months of attempts, finally they were replaced and I was very appreciative of that.

    Another concern that I addressed was the problem with the water pressure in the master bathroom. I contacted on many occasions regarding low water pressure in the master shower. You would either take a scalding hot shower or none at all. It took someone weeks to come look at this. Someone would repair it and two months later we were in the same situation. Someone came and fixed it again. However, just a few days ago it started happening again. I was getting ready to send a request until I found out about not being offered a renewal.

    Another problem we addressed, which I am sure is one of the main reasons we are not being offered a renewal is because of our concern with the gates in the community. Late 2012, the gates were broken for several weeks at a time. We addressed our concern, as we pay for a gated community for a reason...added safety and security. On two occasions we had someone trespass onto the property to harass me. The last time it happened was on December 23, 2012. This date, someone trespassed onto the property and attacked me. This caused me to have severe anxiety and a complete panic attack requiring 2 days of hospitalization. I spoke with police regarding this and pressed charges against the individual. However, it did not result in any arrests. One of the reasons I was told was that when this person came on to the property, the gates were broken and wide open. I went to the leasing office and addressed this with them and received nothing more than an apology and a false promise that it would get repaired as soon as possible. There came a time where the gate was broken for over a month. At some point, Daniel and I wrote an email stating that if the gate would not be fixed as soon as possible, a class action lawsuit would be brought, as we are paying for a gated community and our security is being compromised.

    At this point, I feel that the reason we are not being renewed stems from one of two things:
    1. Los Altos simply does not want to deal with residents who request too much work of them. Especially, when wrongdoings is pointed out to them and a class action lawsuit is mentioned.
    2. Los Altos wants us to leave the apartment so they can renovate this apartment and rent it out a higher rate.
    Quite frankly, if the latter is the true motive, I can respect that much more than some excuse as to why they do not want to renew. Furthermore, before I knew their reason as to why they do not want to renew, I had discussed the matter with Daniel and had come to an agreement that we would have been willing to move to a renovated one, even if it was at a slightly higher rate and return this one to allow for renovations.

    The fact that they are claiming that Daniel has been verbally abusive to them is absolutely absurd. I will not deny that he has been upset, has voiced his opinion, has had several disagreements with them regarding all of the hassles that we have had to deal with, and has mentioned the incompetence of certain staff members will not be denied. However, if there was ever any offense taken regarding how he has communicated with staff member, this should have been addressed earlier and a solution to rectify could have been discussed. I believe this is very cowardly and an extremely unethical business practice. I truly feel that this is Los Altos's way of taking posession of this apartment in order to renovate and rent at a higher fee. As mentioned before, I can respect that, as everyone is in the business of making money. However, I will have greater respect and appreciation if we are told the truth. If this is indeed because of the alleged verbal abuse, then I would have most certainly appreciated being told when it occurred in order to rectify it.

    I will have you know that Daniel and i have never been nuisance residents, we have never been late on our payments, and have even fixed things in the apartment ourselves because we simply did not want to deal with another work order request that would remain unfulfilled (we bought our own towel bars and shower curtain rods, as the master bath did not have any of these things)

    i assure you that this matter will not remain without being reviewed by our attorney for legal advise as to what our legal rights are and what measures we can take to remedy the situation or be compensated. We are being unjustly forced to leave our apartment. Furthermore, it wasn't until I advised a gentleman at the office just a few days ago regarding the fact that we had not received a renewal offer that we were notified. Otherwise, I feel that this too would have been overlooked. Our lease is up on October 5th and we are just being notified. I understand that we have until the end of November to vacate, but this is still, what I feel to be, short notice.

    Please understand that I would have been more than willing to sit down and discuss the matter and negotiate an alternative, but we are not being given a choice and therefore feel that we need to pursue legal action. I have attached my payment history so you can see that we have never paid late (with the exception of one time that we paid a day late and paid the late fees associated without a fuss). I would attach all of the serice requests, but oddly enough, I am now unable to access the link to even make a service request.

    Please contact me to further discuss this matter, as I feel that this situation is completely unjust and without merit.

  • Ny
      7th of Apr, 2014
    +3 Votes

    I'm currently filing a lawsuit against UDR as the management team broke into my apartment and stole over 27k in items but even more the violation and stress they put on me is priceless, but I plan on fighting this all the way to the supreme court if need be.

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