Ubisoftunable to play tc rainbow six for over 9 months

On Monday 12th of March 2018 I raised a ticket, my Steam account had been hacked and I could not longer access ONE of my games, all the others where ok, for some reason TC Rainbow 6 Siege did not longer worked. I then purchased the starter edition on another Steam account which worked fine while they were looking into the issue. Now I do not longer have access to neither, not the Gold Edition I purchase neither the starter edition, 2 different Steam accounts but only one Ubisoft account. I have been purchasing all your games, as you could see on my account.
Up to this day I have not been given a solution, I do not get updates as to what happens and I have to keep calling and emailing the support team about the same query over and over again. I have requested that they remove the game from my account all together and then send me another key to re add the game again, they just keep saying that they are looking into it. I have also requested a refund and I have been told to go back to Steam, they will not do that because it has been more than 2 weeks since purchase. Ubisoft will not help me at all and it is really frustrating that I paid so much money for a new game and now the value is less to nothing and I have lost all this time. Total waste. I just want a WORKING game, that's all, or a credit on my account or anything but No solution is totally awful customer services. I cannot believe that after all this faithful years with you this is the service I receive when I have an issue.
M y name is Mr Oscar Angel-Baro, from Bolton, Manchester UK.
My account on Ubisoft is oscarangel, my e-mail address is [protected], I have two Steam accounts both linked to my same email address : Usernames are oscarangelbaro15 (angelknight2005) and stanleyandboodge (the_angel_is_back)
The case ref number is [protected]
Please sort this out for me as it is very frustrating

Nov 22, 2018

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