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Ubisoft / - Rayman series

1 Israel Review updated:

hello there Ubisoft,
how are you doing? cuz we rayman fans DON'T!
with all the games i have pruchased the series was promising platforming action/adventure games.
Rayman M wasnt a platform game but i didnt even cared becuase it involves everything that rayman needs...
when i saw the EPIC trailers of rayman 4 i couldn't wait for it to come out...but how sad i was that it wasnt what you were promising...
you promissed on these trailers EPIC battles egainst bunnies, thought maybe a cool platform will come here, and also battles=MORE COOLER
but when i took my copy it seemed WAY diffrent on the cover, but then i said "NAH you dont judge a book by its cover", so if the cover isnt that good maybe the game is better, but then noticed to the rayman dancing picture...i said WTH i'll install, but after i played i found myself in a diffrent game, it didnt seemed like Rayman IT WASNT RAYMAN AT ALL!
now that i pissed i want my money back but now give us a favor so we could forgive you on this mistake, RELEASE RAYMAN 4 AND GIVE A GREAT COPY BY TRADING ONE OF THE RRR COPIES FOR THAT.
-a quick review on the RRR:
at first seemed fun i thought maybe i need some requirments to get the finale but i was wrong THE POINT SYSTEM WAS ALWAYS DISAPOINTING.after that i said COOL on the second game, cuz rayman still was 50% of the game.
but when i saw TV PARTY...the cover?NO RAYMAN, gameplays and trailers? NO RAYMAN its like you blurred rayman out of the way and placed a bunny with rayman suit!
cmon guys tell the truth who you sold the company?
as much as i know rabbids cant attack the main database of rayman
you were planning ULTIMATE RRR(rayman 4) with marfy teineeses zombies COOL FXs and platforming...and then it turned out to be a PS2 graphical game just like rayman 2 the graphics are the same...
cmon guys PARTY games are stupid especially when you'r BURP goes to 200km/h from the winning gate at french and reaching aifel.
just make a TRUE rayman 4 with globox lums teinesses marfy (you can add Ly if ya want or at least a statue like in rayman 3), if rayman hoodlum's revenge seposed to be Rayman 4 then SUCK IT!
make a rayman 4, trade it for a RRR copy and we EVEN!
cuz right now RRR became boring and stupid.

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  • Vl
      20th of May, 2009

    someone could say its the most longest complaint EVA!

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