Uber / I am sick of the way to treat their customers!

San Francisco, CA, United States
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I am done with this company! A week ago I called for a car, it supposed to arrive within five minutes. But I was waiting for about 30 minutes. I called the driver many times, but there was no response. After 30 minutes of waiting I contacted him again and he finally answered. I was told that my ride was cancelled. The driver also charged me a $20 fee! It was he who cancelled my ride, so why should I pay for no service? I ended up catching a taxi, because I was very late for important meeting. The worst part is that uber does not have a customer service number to call. Later I emailed uber complaining about what happened earlier. There was no response, so I sent them another message demanding a full refund! Then all of a sudden uber banned my account. The only email I got from the stated that they need a copy of my credit card. I am sick of the way to treat their customers!

Dec 18, 2015

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