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I have read a lot of reviews and thoughts about online dating agencies. Well I must say that I did not find anything suspicious on I do not understand why people are so negative towards online dating sites, nevertheless they keep using them.
As for me, I have been having a good time with uadreams. Indeed they managed to design very interesting services which help to cut distance between people. Of course you may say what a weird way of communication, but if you use any service, no matter where, it means that you are agree with the policy. Otherwise restrict from using this service. It simple easy, I am absolutely agree with their policy and I think prohibition on exchange of personal information is a very good move. We should remember that private information should not be given to any third part, it may have deplorable consequences.

Does anybody have any experience? Is Uadreams scam dating agency or a dating company suffering from fake slander of its competitors?

Oct 1, 2014
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  • Wa
      13th of Jun, 2017
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    I had my own share of experience with the dreams agency. I perfectly understand that all of them are a business. But this is a well-made business and they try to satisfy me as their client. I am ok with that. I do know that supporting such a well-made site, all those offices in a dozen of cities, to keep their centralized administrative body requires costs. And since I have never met a site where women from Russia or Ukraine paid for using such a site, I understand their policy where men should pay and provide for their site upgrowth. Maybe we, men, are not millionaires but if you want to bring a foreign wife into your country you should be prepared to pay for everything related to this matter. As far as I'm concerned, it always works like that, no matter is your new wife is from the neighboring town or a country overseas. If you dance you must pay the fiddler. Now as for my experience. Yes, I haven't had my luck so far. But I never expected to catch a fish immediately. When I meet someone in real and not online and have the same chances to break up after our first or second date. I haven't written many letters to Ukrainian ladies and they haven't demanded that from me. When I got lost for a week or so,  they obviously got worried. I prefer seeing them in chats, this way it seems like we are almost on a normal date, we talk, laugh, exchange air kisses and discuss our routine. These women are really attentive and I feel that from the questions they ask me. I was in Ukraine last year and surely I met with the couple of my close online female friends in their capital city. I consider this experience positive and enjoyable. On our first dates we discussed the depth of our attraction but I saw that they treated me in more friendly way, no flames of passion, unfortunately. But we still remained good friends and our affection was obviously mutual. I definitely had a great time in Kiev and the translator accompanied me all the time, she was a very pleasant and attentive lady, I learned a lot about the Ukrainians from her. The natives are also nice and friendly people. Everything  they tell about Ukrainian hospitality is certainly true. From my part I concluded for myself that ua dreams is one of the best companies in dating business around Russia and Ukraine. I had my experience with some other sites as well, but they did not offer  any services to assist me in my trip, I had to take care of everything myself. I could clearly see that in Ukrainian dreams agency their team is made of experienced hands and they surpassed all my expectations in making me come and feel comfortable in their country.
    Yours sincerely, Walter

  • Li
      5th of Aug, 2017
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    @WalterDar Are you really so much professionally deformed psychologist that you cannot distinguish genuine reviews from professional manipulating? Don't you recognize in your text exactly the same style of promoting which you have at your UaDreams agency's website?
    I admit, this time you was very attentive in selection of phrases, not to reveal your Russian/Ukrainian origin: a different person?

  • Li
      6th of Aug, 2017
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    @Libor_ By the "this time" in my previous sentence I meant "compared with the reply of 9th of Jun 2017 by Cláudio", at which I suppose that Cláudio and WalterDar both are employees of UaDreams agency. Besides, most of the reviews at this website are written in the same style, revealing the same author: UaDreams agency.

  • Ed
      8th of Sep, 2017
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    Hello. let me tell you something about uadreams, IT’S A PERFECT ELABORATE PROFESSIONAL SCAM AGENCY !!! the very best, as in the scam and as in the service what they provide, there is no doubt. I have been a customer for more than two years at this agency, and i lost about $ 10, 000 !!! in these two years. I have long talked with only one girl at first, as others have written before me, the girl was so romantic so eager to know me, we change letters every single day and chat every week.she wrote me many times that she found me very attractive, indeed i’m a good looking man in a very good shape but not that is the point. The point is that she want to see me so tremendously she feel connected to me she feel so attracted to me, and so on etc etc. And when we finally met, I literally dropped my face to the ground I did not have words I was so stunned, because she was so cold with me, It was like she put a wall between us.I did not understand why she did that at that time, but now i know a lot of things how uadreams works. After that fail with the first girl, i meet another 5 girls and none was seriously interested or commited, but everyone was interested in video chat or letters. From these six girls 5 have a relationship.The sixth girl was from Ivano Frankivsk Tatiana and i find to late that she have also a boyfriend, i gave proof to the agency and they kick out Tatiana .after that i wanted to close my profile, but uadreams convince me to try with another girl, so i try with Nastya 3141 from Kremenchug, she tell me that she is interested in me, so we change leters and talk in video chat. After a time i find Nastya profile on VK and her boyfriend profile also, WTF yes she have a boyfriend, i gave prof to the uadreams agency, but they not close Nastya profile because she is in heavy intense chat with other 4 or 5 man so she is generate a lot of money to uadreams . All man must know one thing, these girls are the golden goose to uadreams !!!. i think one girl can generate from one man between 150 and 1000 $ a month. And yes a girl can have multiple video chat in the same time, she can chat with 4 man if the translator is very good, if not they can chat with two man in the same time. Some men complain that the video connection is slow in chat, well its not slow its very good, but the translator need a little time to translate for both man.The girls also receive money from uadreams 5 five percent from what you pay to uadreams, chat, letters, meetings, ect.And a lot of girls are friends in branch, if you find a girl profile on VK or facebook you can be sure that she have 2 or 3 friend in her profile from the agency also. so if you talk in uadreams with more girls from the same branch, you can be sure that they talk and know. Another thing is that no matter in which branch you will go, you will never see an advertising billboard, not even on the agency door!!!, because uadreams and what they do is illegal in Ukraine. At most you will see writing on the door ” modeling agency.” Also true that the very big majority of the girls have boyfriend, i find a lot of girls on VK . i made a little experiment before i close my profile on UAscamdreams, i talked with several girls 15, 20 girls and all that girls was eager to talk with me, i wait 2 weeks after i closed my profile and i find all that girls on VK and i sent friend invitation, which followed did not surprise me at all, they block me on their page or never respond and ignore me. They have 600 girls but the real chance to find your wife on UAscamdreams is way more less than 1 one percent, and that is not a joke gentleman!!! .About – anti scam policies, that is the bigest lie . They do not care whether a girl has boyfriend or not, if you find that the girl who fools you have a boyfriend, only in that case they do something, but even when i gave proof they dont care, if the girl is very beautiful and talk with a lot of man she generate a lot of money, and that’s just what matters. They are very proud that they have more than one million customers worldwide, now everybody can make their own calculation how much money they rip off out of man’s pocket.They are masters in what and how they do.I think is stupid to talk about that the girls are real or not, the girls are very real, everything is very real in UAscamdreams yard, because they roll the perfect scam, so if the girls are real, video chat with the girls are real, service everything is made in a high level, that is the perfect way to a perfect scam. If you want an ukrainian wife, you take your vacation for 3 weeks then take your [censored] and go to ukraine, you will spend far less than on the site.Ukrainian girls are very Nationalist they love their country, they don’t really want to leave their country, and a lot of these girl have a good live in ukraine especially from uadreams, they thrill on your money . You think that because they live in a poor country they want so much to leave ? nothing more wrong, but they are interested if you are rich and not an usual random normal guy, they want a careless life in a high level, if you can offer that, than you are their man.Uadreams is a greedy scam agency, the majority of the girls are in relationship.!!! They are interested only to chat with you as more as they can, to generate money for them and for uadreams, The girls get paid. The man are the milky cow for uadreams.They deceive you and lie to you till the end of the world, i hope everybody who take share from their stolen money will drop dead and burn in hell with all their family .

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