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Tylock Lasik / Beware of this clinic!

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In 2006 I had Lasik eye surgery to correct my vision. At the time of the surgery, which was done by Dr.Gary R. Tylock, MD at the Tylock Eye Care & Laser Center, I was told that I could receive an "enhancement" at anytime to sharpen up my vision if necessary. I continued to keep my follow up appointments with my local optometrist for 4 years. My vision was terrible after the procedure and was regressing even more with time but Dr.Gary R. Tylock, felt it was not enough to qualify for an enhancement. I thought he was joking here I was almost worse off than when I went into the place and they were shoveling me a load of carp telling me I have 20/20.

Then they had the nerve to tell me that if I really wanted an enhancement it would cost me another 500 per eye the people are scammers and con men. I just want to warn people about this clinic. What they did to me was wrong and they used false advertising to get me in the door in the first place they advertised that it was from 299 per eye and what a bunch of bull that is. It was almost 4000 for them to ruin my eyes.

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  • To
      21st of Nov, 2007
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    Approx. 10 weeks ago I had the INTRA LASIK procedure performed on my eyes at Tylock. I had the monovision procedure, where one eye is set for distance and the other set for up close. I am 53 years old and have had to wear reading glasses since 44-45. I can now read virtually anything without any assistance from glasses. It has been a miracle for me and I have recomended it for my family members and friends. I paid approx. 3200 dollars and consider it money very well spent. Nothing is foolproof and this was well stated to me prior to my surgery. However, I did my homework before deciding on this procedure and before deciding on Dr. Tylock. I decided to go for it, and have absolutely no regrets. The employees at Tylock were professional and personable. Hope that this helps with anyone considering LASIK surgery.

  • Br
      5th of Feb, 2008
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    I am a director at Tylock Eye Care and Laser. Consumers must be careful when reviewing these sites. We have never done surgery on the author of the complaint. We have no record of a Mary O'Niel being a patient at any time. These forums are used to knock down the reputation of good doctors buy unscrupulous competitors. This really is bad for all LASIK doctors because it scares the consumer. Please look at legitimate information and not just some silly blog that will allow anyone to write anything they want.

    If you want to know what it's like to have surgery at Tylock Eye Care ask the Dallas Mavericks, Dallas Stars, and Texas Rangers. We are their Official LASIK surgeon. Or ask someone who was actually a patient.

  • Ga
      21st of Feb, 2008
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    I also had very bad experience at this laser center. They lied in their advertising about the price and were very rude when I called them on it. I did not have the procedure in the end but I fell that any Doctor the lies in their advertisments cannot be trusted anyway. I did have lasik at another place in Dallas I am very happy with the results. look yround before you decide is my advice.


  • Sh
      21st of Feb, 2008
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    I had corrective surgery at the Tylock eye care 12 years ago and still to this day have perfect vision. At the time my vision was so poor that I required the enhancement surgery 6 weeks later and it was included in my initial payment. As I am getting older I will definatly return for anymore procedures that I need. My son has just entered the firefighter academy and for his graduation I am giving him the wonderful gift of corrective surgery with no one other than The Tylock Eye Center. It has been twelve years and still to this day I wake up amazed and grateful to Dr Tylock for giving me the gift of perfect vision. THANK YOU TYLOCK EYE CARE CENTER.

  • Re
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    I had Lasik done 5 years ago by Dr. Tylock and have been very satisfied. I had monovision surgery. They were very professional and open about all the possible side effects and alternatives. To date I have had no problems and enjoy being eye glass free. It was worth every dime. I have referred several friends and family and they have been very satisfied also. THANKS TYLOCK!!

  • Av
      21st of Apr, 2008
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    I just had my IntraLASIK procedure done this month and everything worked out better than I could have ever hoped for. I have done months and months of research and read all the materials very carefully. There is a LOT that YOU as a patient are responsible for and strict schedules to keep, such as rinses, eye lid massages, eye drops at many times a day, no contacts the week prior and no eye make up the week after, no ceiling fans and the list goes on.
    Not to point fingers, but I did everything by the book and everything turned out so very well, but I can see how many people might think they would get away with not doing something since it is not all that convenient before, during and after surgery and that this then may have a negative influence on the outcome. The surgery itself is easy and pain free. And in my book some temporary inconvenience sure beats all the real pain in the you-know-where that I had to deal with for all those years with glasses and contacts.
    My theory is, that this very disgruntled person may not have followed the preparation schedule and is now trying to blame it on somebody else.
    There was NOBODY even remotely unfriendly, all questions were answered kindly and precise and I was made well aware of all the risks connected with this.
    Sorry if I sound uncaring, but anybody who decides to have the surgery - actually ANY surgery, especially if it is purely ELECTIVE, should know that there is always a risk of it not going as planned. Blaming the doctor may help you, but I do not think that it is okay or fair. If the patient did their homework, they should have known better and not assumed anything. And yes, I also know that at any point in time there could be complications for me as well. Honestly, I still think it was worth it. Being a very active person glasses just could not do the trick for me and being highly sensitive and allegic to many synthetic chemicals, contacts weren't really a great option for me either. Should it go bad now then at least I tried and had my freedom for a while. And one thing is for sure, I did everything by the book.
    I, personally, can and will highly recommend Dr. Tylock and his team.

  • We
      31st of Aug, 2008
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    I had eye surgery and in the post-op pack was MAXIDEX(dexamethasone) drops by ALCON LABS.

    Two days later I was BLIND

    Use Google and enter EPOCRATES MAXIDEX to verify

  • Ga
      31st of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Why would you post this comment under my name on this website when you are not my patient?

    What type of surgery did you have and when? Did you vision return? I would be happy to discuss this with you.

    Gary Tylock M D

  • Ni
      11th of Sep, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Gary Tylock M D Dr. Tylock, people will do anything to cause harm to others they do not even know! I am overjoyed and extremely thankful to you for giving me better than perfect vision! After nearly going blind at 7 years of age, I never thought I would be free of corrective lenses in one form or other. Your staff is every bit as kind, professional, courteous, and caring as you are yourself, sir. I thank you immensely for ALL of the care I received at your center. 😊

  • To
      17th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    It's been well over a year now since my lasik procedure at Tylock Eye Center. My vision is still excellent. Hope this helps someone who is trying to make up their mind about lasik. Even if you don't use Dr. Tylock, whom I certainly recommend, get it done!

  • Ts
      4th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I've had nothing but great service from Dr Tylock and his staff. I had a surgery called Intacs to correct my vision. I must say, so far I am see better within a week from just the surgery on 1 eye. It will take up to 3 months for the vision to get better, but I'm able to drive without glasses at night already. This is a new procedure to correct Keratoconus. Dr Tylock was easily accessible, providing me his direct number to answer any questions and concerns about the procedures - which he did 3 times in 2 days before the operation. He also, double checked the measurements on the day of the oepration to ensure everything stated was correct. HE was very corteous pre and poost Op. I think he and his staff are great and I would recommend him to anyone I know.

  • Ty
      28th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I had Lasik at Dr Tylock's office a little over a year ago. Everything is perfect! I am actually better than 20/20! Yay! I have worn glasses since I was 4 years old.

    My only complaint would be on the manager. She is young, and beautiful... yet so rude to her employees. If I had chose a different doctor for my lasik; it would have simply been because of the blonde front manager. I saw her on mutliple times be rude to her staff.

    Even though I didn't actually spend much time with Dr Tylock, he was very nice and a lot more friendly & approachable than another doctor I visited first.

    I recommend Tylock Center for any corrective eye surgery.

  • Sb
      22nd of Sep, 2009
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    I had lasik at Dr Tylock's office about 3 years ago. Im just as happy now as i was after surgery! My procedure was Monovision CustomView Intralase. My near vision is not quite as sharp now but i was informed by Dr Tylock that it would change in time. My distance has maintained a 20/15 accuity. I highly recommend Dr Tylock to my Family, friends and clients.

  • Op
      22nd of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    BEWARE OF ALL THE POSITIVE POSTS YOU READ ON THIS SITE. THEY ARE BEING MADE BY Dr. Tylock and his staff. Just think about it. who has a good experience with this Doctor and runs to the internet to post on Complaintsboard? Duhh.

  • Ne
      8th of Feb, 2010
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    I feel indifferent towards Dr. Tylock, but Dr. Hayes was excellent! I had a bit of a tricky case, and I am living overseas. He took a cautious approach and recommendation for my surgery, and things seem to go smoothly. When I went in for my 1 week checkup, he said it looked like I might need a 'touch-up' on one of my eyes, but to see how it went over the next few months (I did PRK, so it take some more time).

    When I went back a year later to the US to have it checked, I found out Dr. Hayes had left and a new person was there, that wasn't a doctor but an optometrist who was very nice and easy to talk to, but I felt she brushed off my concerns that I might need to get my eye re-done after Dr. Hayes had recommended I look into it.

    That being said, my eyesight is very good, and I would highly recommend getting lasik. However, if I had to do it again, I would try and look-up Dr. Hayes where he is working.

  • Ke
      24th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    Tylock Eye Care & Laser Center, I have heard good things about this center. But now, i must rethink about my opinion.

  • Jo
      28th of Jun, 2012
    0 Votes

    My experience has been mixed. I had both eyes done about 3 years ago with good results on my left and bad one in my right.
    The issue with my right eye was ghost images (double vision) and the vision was not 20/20 from the start. When I communicated this issue to the Tylock staff, their response was this is normal and it will go away in a couple of weeks. Couple of weeks went by and they told me it will get better after a month. A month went by and their answer was it will get better after 6 month, then at one year. At the same time my vision was not sharp (probably 20/40).
    At the one year appointment, their response was the double vision was due to dry eye and I should use tear drops occasionally and it will get better.
    After 3 years, my vision regressed on the right eye (20/50 or worst) and the double vision did not go away.
    I decided to go to Dr Booth to get if fixed and I am now (20/15) and more importantly I have no double vision.

    I am really dissapointed with Dr. Tylock and his staff as they brushed aside the issue. Of course I will not get the $$$$ I paid for double vision.

  • To
      31st of Oct, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Been 5 years and vision is still perfect. Thanks again Dr. Tylock !

  • Mn
      1st of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    I went in for a consultation last December and I was not impressed. They performed some tests on me to determine if I was eligible for the operation, which I was. Then I had to pay $175, which shocked me because the other Lasik consultations I went to were free of charge. When I asked why I had to pay, they said that the $175 was for the tests they did to determine my eligibility, which I thought was a trick because they had to do those tests to know if they can operate on me but I had no knowledge of the charge beforehand and no option to opt out of the tests if I wanted a consultation. And while doing research on the procedure, a lot of people recommended that you should be able to meet and speak with the surgeon who would eventually operate on your eyes and ask them questions. But I didn't even get to meet the surgeon. Overall, I think it was questionable that they weren't upfront about the cost of the tests and the place seemed like an assembly line to me. An optometrist friend suggested that I stay away from the big places because they operate like a factory and tend to mess up more due to the volume of people they operate each day.

  • Da
      25th of Feb, 2016
    0 Votes

    I don't be-leave the initial complaint above! I was on the verge of being legally blind...wore hard contacts since I was in 2nd grade (1980)...wore them all my life and it was getting to be bad in 2007 when they were causing blisters and just to the point I was having to wear the glasses more and more to rest my eyes...In late 2007 I talked to Tylock after speaking to a few others here. Went to the meeting they had on Thursdays and after I asked the Dr. if I could ask a few questions, well we talked a good 30 min and he introduced me to a patient who was as blind as me that came all the way from Germany to have the procedure, it really calmed me down as I was so scared to have my eyes touched as you only have 1 set. I went and did the exam and for the comment above griping about 175.00, you are some kind of special to gripe about paying for an eye exam! They explained that with my bad vision, my astigmatism that PRK (more than just Lasik) is what I would need...well they walked me through all the steps, the price was I think 3800??? and they opened up a care now card for me for that so it didn't hit me all at once, and we set up the date. They made me feel like I was in good hands and I am a very skeptical, OCD, harsh person and not once did I get upset with the staff for anything. They were all very nice and professional. They told me as well that may need an enhancement and I actually did in 1 eye, not a big deal!! They also explained that I may see a change in my vision later on in life like most do in their 40s. PRK is a little more healing time and a little more intense. I am here to say if it had been a 10K dollar cost I still would have done it. It has given me some of my life back where I can wake up and see the clock, I can go to the movies and not mess with itchy eyes or popping my contacts in and out. It was like it set me free. I will always be greatfull for Dr. Tylock and his team!!!

  • Ti
      17th of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    Here's a breakdown of what I experience today at my "consult" appt.

    I drove clear across town for a 4 hour and 15 minute appointment to meet/see the very HIGHLY recommended Dr. Tylock for LASIK "consult"
    Here's what went down...

    -Drove 60 mins to get to said appoint (traffic/construction)
    -Spent 4.5 hours at this "place"
    -Staff seemed confused, lots of interruptions & shuffling going on
    -Staff seemed unprofessional, unorganized (ie. all over the place)
    -Dr. on staff (not Tylock or George) ate lunch during my appoint
    -Said Dr.'s hands reeked of onions/burgers
    -Said Dr. belched repeatedly while discussing my surgery
    -Said Dr. Numbed & [censored]ed my eyeballs so much I had a panic attack
    -After panic attack Dr. proceeds to keep numbing and [censored]ing
    -Never once got Tylock or George to come and talk with me
    -Didn't explain actual procedure at all (ummm like important details here don't make me YouTube this)
    -Paid them $175 to "see" if I want to give them $4100 for more "FUN" with them
    -Drove home in 75 minutes of tollway traffic

    Is this completely normal for a LASIK consultation? Worst part for me at the end of all this mess is that I was told I would get to meet "the good doctor" on day of my surgery. WTH?!?!? Yeah, no thanks!
    I'd rather meet the man/woman whose going to perform the actual procedure on me, be treated respectfully, have clean hands, not be distracted 1/2 the time and most definitely be closer to my home...this place felt like a United Airlines circus with a Mel's Diner tinge?!? 🤓😑

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