Tupperware India / very bad service

I am consultant and placing my orders with "Happy Faces", Bhupsandra, bangalore. I am working woman and joined this as i am great fan of Tupperware. I am using these products from past 12 Years. however joined as consultant recently. My concern is i need to go to the office on different days for different work like to place replacement only on Tue, to get consultant gifts only on Wed and Saturday, that too if i dont pick my consignment for the same weed on Saturday i need to pay Rs25 as fine( i.e new consignments only comes on Friday and i need to pick within 2 days). now if i want do replacement, gift collection and consignment picking is feasible to travel 15KM and come three diffrent days to the office. where i am not earning anything from replacements and those products were not purchased from me. and if i dont collect my gifts within time period because of this different days for different activities i will loose. so how can i cope up with this. Why this is not mentioned while joining the tupperware. it is not changing life it is making lifes hell. i lhave writted to tupperware many times on this issue. no response

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