Tupperwarebroken tupperware, no satisfaction after sale


It is with great disappointment that I am writing today about outdated tupperware products. Following a presentation at my home last october 2016, a faithful customer for several decades, brought her defective products to the representative in order to be able to benefit from your guarantee for life.
Either 3 small dishes going to the microwave and a large dishes going to the conventional oven of the collection ultra 21 (old collection). All have problems with the lids that do not fit any more.
The representative communicate with you to evaluate the options offered and thus ensure excellent customer service.
Unfortunately, your answer was genuinely disappointed. You agree that we will return you products and so credited about $ 10.50 for each. The ultra21 items are no longer on the market, I understand, but you still offer similar products that go to the oven and are worth more than what you offer as credit.
The customer has always made normal use and hand washed all her tupperware products (she never had a dishwasher). This over 78-year-old woman has a whole collection of your products and I find it sad that you are not able to honor the lifetime guarantee you seem proud to offer to tupperware consumers.
As a new consumer of your products, I strongly question my purchases made during the presentation that took place at my house. I thought your products were more expensive for their high quality to withstand the years and your lifetime warranty, if you are not able to meet these expectations, it does not convince me to buy or recommend tupperware in the future.
If you ever have another alternative available to the customer to replace her dishes, it would be a great pleasure to notify her.
You can contact me by e-mail jenny. [protected] or by phone at [protected].
Thank you for taking the time to check on this demand.


Jenny gravel

Jun 08, 2017

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