TruGreen / door to door sales

I live in a deed restricted community where door to door sales is not permitted by law. When they came to my door and I told them by brother in law was in the business and I was not interested. He would not take no for an answer. When I told him please do not make me become an ### hole and I did not want his service and reminded him the community has a no door to door law he told me, "would you rather I be on well fair " and I replied I did not care what he did he was violating the law. He then told me he could buy and sell me. Tomorrow I will be at the St Johns County Clerk of the Court to file the necessary paperwork to ask the court to enjoin then from coming into my Community to do any business at all and if I can not get that to fine them for door to door sales.

Mar 08, 2016

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