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To whom it may concern,

I'm very disappointed with the way I was treated regarding my outstanding payment on my gym membership which I had for 4 years. I've been always requesting to terminate my membership while the charges were directly debited to my Maybank credit card. It wasn't taken seriously as I was told to give them a written letter and walk in to the Branch to settle this. In this technology savvy world, it beat's me on why a simple call or email request is not sufficient. Since I always travel for overseas, walking in to the Branch was not possible. Once my card payment had issues and the payment did not go through, I started getting calls from the credit control Branch (Kavetha) and her superior Tina Malini Stephen (Senior Credit Control Executive) that I need to settle my outstanding payments before I terminate. I requested to terminate on Dec 2015. I do admit, it was my mistake for not paying the 3 months to cancel but however, the subsequent calls were to requesting me to pay for Dec 15-April 2016. I told them, I will pay for the 3 months (Sept- Nov'15) up to the months prior to the termination request but not for the months after I requested the membership to be terminated as I'm not utilizing it. I also requested for the termination letter which I didn't get . The reply I got was such am imbecile response saying "That's not part of the agreement and they are from credit control department, hence it is none-of their business". I understand it may not be part of your job descriptions but there's something called "common sense". I have not stepped into the gym ever since May 2015 and do not see the rationale of making the payment. They were outright rude, inconsiderate and proudly mentioned to take up legal proceedings against me if I fail to do. For being a customer for 4 years, I'm pretty disgusted with their treatment and barbaric way of cheating people. Well, I have made the necessary payments now (not because afraid of legal proceeding, but do not want to be associated with these money minded swindlers) and cancelled the membership for good. True fitness, you may have succeeded to con me to pay and gotten a quick profit out of me but trust me, you have lost a loyal customer. I will never ever take your service again nor recommend it to any of my friends/colleagues/family members. I will have a disgusted feel whenever seeing the True Fitness logo! Please ensure you never send me any promotion sms or emails on your gym memberships. p/s : please educate your both front line/credit department/customer service representative with adequate PR skills, as at the end of day you are a still a client service provider!


Apr 14, 2016
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  • Vi
      Sep 21, 2016

    Im writing this from what I remember.
    I am experiencing the same problem right now. Early termination problem. I joined True Fitness on September 2015. Initially I bought the trial from groupon so I've decided to try it. Upon reaching the gym, I was introduced to 1 of the lady (I forgot the name, lets refer her as Tina). Tina keep on going advising me to join, and I must join TONIGHT or the offer no longer there. The offer was RM159.00 per month and no register fee etc. I had calls from my boss during my discussion, and I needed to go back to office. I requested to get back to them by tomorrow, but she keep on telling me that the offer was only for tonight. As I am always travelling, I asked her, 'what if I didn't attend for the month', she mentioned its gym policy that they will still charge me even I did not go. As I deciding to refuse, she told me as long as I provide documents of my travel they can suspend my account for the month. Hearing that, I thought to myself, thats good. She also mentioned if I were to terminate earlier, I would need to pay RM500.00 as termination fine. But If I request termination due to I am no longer at East Malaysia, there will no charges taken. I agree to apply for the membership, after I sign, they request for my credit card, I said I opt for the cash payment, but they insisted for my CC nonetheless. As I was in a rush, I gave my CC to them. I told them, please do not charge under my CC because I prefer to pay in cash. They say ok.
    Facilities. Upon signing, they will promise you that there is trainer in the gym to help you if you request. From what I see, only some guys that will advice you on how to use the equipments. Not actually train you. Other than that, I am are just alone and explore here and there.
    Starting Nov 15, Dec 15, Jan 16 and feb 16 I have been travelling and did not even step into the gym. They charged my monthly fee to my CC without my consent. No calls notifying my charges. On march 15, I requested them (lady in charge named Revathi) not to charge my credit card because I will provide my travling documents for the past months and I would like to continue my membership. On March 18, another RM100.00 deducted from my CC. I emailed to her again saying I have already submitted my flights details. Btw, 2 of those emails were unanswered. I got a phone call asking me to come to the gym to discuss. In my head was, really? With my flights details you still want me to come over and discuss. So I head over there end of March and night around 8-9pm (I finished work at 7pm) The lady in charge was not around and I could not remember who attend to me. This person explained to me that my flights out of town was only short duration, so they could not suspend my account for those months. Only if I am out of town for a long period than they will suspend my account. Furious I demanded to further explaination but due to 'nobody in charge' was around, and its not in this person jurisdictions, He advise me to send a complaint email .
    So I did. I sent a complaint email and a request to terminate my membership on April 8 to Revathi. Again my email was unanswered. On April 14, I went to TF gym to pay my outstanding balance and request a termination over the counter. He advise me to request for termination (no forms was given to me) I told the counter I have sent an email to request for the termination. (I couldnt remember what his reply.)
    My CC was continued charged till May RM159.00. And no reply from Revathi. I thought, probably they charged because I notify late. So nevermind.
    Jul 8 I received an email notifying I have 1 month charges (RM159.00) from TF. ( I have cut off my CC on june due to personal reason). It stated if I have settled the account please ignore the email. Of course I ignore it since I've emailed and the May charges was deducted.
    Mid of August I received a call from TF, I have 2 months outstanding. Again I told them I have submitted a request to terminate. Isn't it being processed right now? She requested me to resend my emails, and Forwarded a my Emails. Also, I was told verbal request is not counted.
    I have opt for contact via email only because It seems whatever I mentioned in the phone calls was not counted.
    At first they wanted me to pay RM575.00 (june, july, august and sept 16) payment by 090916. Or legal charges apply.
    If I wanted to terminate, I need to give them my documents. I said if I give it, is there any differences, she said I am required to pay RM477.00 (june, july, august) by 25 September.
    My reply was to negotiate to pay 2 months worth of fee. It may have been my fault for not sending them the documents at the first place, but I am not going to pay more for their sides negligence.
    Their reply to me was to request I pay RM440.00(june + july+ late charges which is rm15 per month + demand letter). Demand letter = termination letter. I was also told my contract is auto-renewal. Holy Lord... My account have outstanding balance and you are still renewing and continue charging me even though I am NOT THERE.
    Apparently all was stated in the contract. I request 3-times to have a scanlation copy of my agreement, but they refuse to give me unless I have a lawyer's letter.
    I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with the gym's service. And threaten of legal action will be taken. I have also included print screen requesting for my agreement copy. In my opinion, she is not answering my question.

    I am reporting this to the Tribunal and shall wait for their reply.

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