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I joined in as a membr, when signing me up their representative assured me that I will not b locked into a contract because I repeatedly said I might be relocated because of work and cannot be in a contract based membership, he said there will be no problems as long as I show them a letter or proper documentation stating why I have to terminate my contract & we can do a monthly auto -debit thing. He said this during our "consultation process" whilst we were seated at their lounge area.We adjourned to the counter area where he said he will arrange for the paper work and in the meantime took our (my then bf's) credit card details, charged it, following that he gave us the agreement papers and told us to sign at the bottom, I said can I take this home to read, he said then what we have discussed (the price, dont know why there isnt standard pricing) will change and I wont get that promo or whatever, then I asked is there a catch ? he said no, its standard terms and told us not to worry. I regret actually trusting him, and then signed it.I quit I think 2 or 3 months after that because I was going to migrate and had already gotten my Visa. I did what the representative told me I should do if I wanted to terminate my contract .HOwever, months later before my wedding I get a letter via email asking me to pay the outstanding amount, I called and called them and as how they usually are no one returned my call, the letter also says I am still a member. Basically my visa documentation and my letter to the manager did not successfully terminate my contract, no one told me that it was unsuccessful or anything or gave me a reason why I was misrepresented to and why I was locked in a contract .and now they have compounded interest accumulated on my original amount. I am so angry that they have been tricking people and still continue doing it without being taken to task. & they are sending me reminders to pay up.Pay up what? I already left the gym bcause I migrated, you told me i am not in a contract, I paid for what I used, I gave you the letter and spoke to you and you said ok you will get back to me.NO one did, 1yr later then you say now im in a contract? WTF!?

Apr 11, 2013
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  • Sa
      Jun 12, 2013

    raging did you settle it?i receive a legal letter from TF as well..5years after i terminate my membership..which according to them was not succesful

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  • Kh
      Nov 05, 2013

    On 4th november, I went to the jaya 33 outlet gym and came back late just right at the closing time. To my realize upon reaching home that my absent minded had left my blue water bottle (tupperware brand) at the gym. Hence, i called numerous of time and finally the lady over the reception counter picked up the phone. I explain to her my situation and where was my last work out station at, asking her help to check for me. But, her excuses that we are close and if the cleaner found it will place in lost n found. I tried to seek her help again n again as i doubt the cleaners will be sincere enought to return it. And in the end, she dont even concern or being courteous regards to this emergency matter. She shut my phone off while am still speaking.

    The next day, 5th november, i went to the gym again. Hopefully that my bottle could be found. But seeing her over the reception again, knowing my hopes has gone. She just simply see around the counter and thats it. So called lost n found? I thought there should be a record book for it?

    Throughout my gym period from 5-7pm, i cant even find any cleaners around! They asked me to ask them but no one knows theirs whereabouts.

    Ok i left for home without my loyal bottle now. It was a inexpensive bottle but meaningful because it was a gift from my mother.

    Right now, i can be thankful to myself for not renewing my membership yet for next year.

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  • Kh
      Nov 05, 2013

    Btw they only sweet talk u to join in.SAME SITUATION. The sale guy dont even bother to see you after u paid them n sign the contract. Worst, i got harrassment so oftern from.those PTpersonal trainer. The first 3 free pts they would not train you well, keep insists that this is free trial only. U will get it fully.if u subscribe with.them. later part, consultation n gang up with.his friend to into it. Totally fkk.up!!

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