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TRS Recovery Services, Inc. / call my house 2 or 3 times a day

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I keep getting phone calls from TRS Recovery saying that they need to resolve a debt matter before 10-05-07 for an Alan Baker They have the wrong person I am not Alan Baker and they call my house 2 or 3 times a day, when I answer the phone its a recording. How do I get the phone calls to stop?

Thank You
Vivian Baker

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  • An
      24th of Oct, 2007
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    TRS Recovery Services keep calling and calling and never answer, but I told them this morning, they had the wrong number. On the caller ID, it comes up as Unknown Number and Name. We do not pick up, nor do we talk to anyone without a number. I want them to quit calling and want to know how they got our number. It is non-published.

  • Ch
      28th of Oct, 2007
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    These I believe scammers have been calling my house over and over trying to collect on an Item I already own and Have a receipt and proof of ownership, in fact the company I purchased from sent my a document saying I was a preferred costumer gave me a discount with them the next time I shopped with them! TRS is not the company I did Bruis with but they are still trying to collect payments on something I already own. They are a scam for all I can tell! I need there phone number and address because Im going to go to the LAW on this matter and perhaps sue! They are constant harassment, Rude and say they will not stop calling them selfs its pitiful! who the heck do these people think they are! If you have any info on these guys pleas admit it and report them to the law!

  • Da
      6th of Nov, 2007
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    TRS calls my house everyday all day long, I told them over and over that they have the wrong number the person they want does not live here and the trs guy Shawn Carter asks me why am I yelling at him. Go figure stop calling my house. I wish I could sue these people for harassment! I just got finished yelling at them again and it's 9:00 p.m. It's a little late for them to be calling people.

  • Ma
      11th of Nov, 2007
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    It has been 6 years now that I have been affiliated with a long distance carrier. Bills were all paid and for the past year now I keep getting recorded calls at least twice a day. They say I owe a passed due amount of which was paid 6 years ago. This company is a different company now because before it was OSI, I believe it was called, that would call. Someone had suggested that the next time they call to ask for their manager, their address and their name, but I couldn't get any information from that person. So, I want these calls to stop. There are 2 different phone numbers that they are using. I am tired of these calls. And, just like the email above they call after 9:00. Any help in this matter would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

  • Ju
      26th of Nov, 2007
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    If you fax them a letter saying that you do not want them to call your house then they can not call. If you look at the website for they can give you some information on how to stop the calling. If you have any questions please fell free to contact me at


  • An
      22nd of Dec, 2007
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    I received an email from saying they had turned my account over to TRS. I don't know what they are talking about. I replied to the email looking for information (an order number, an amount, a date), but no reply. My account with amazon is fine, as far as I can tell.

    Based on what I'm reading here, I'm assuming it's a scam. Anyone else get these?

  • Pe
      12th of Apr, 2008
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    I have had the same exact problem with this company recently, and they are driving us crazy with non stop phone calls all day and night, and EVERY day and night! I have no clue who they are or what they want?? And they do not say! It is so weird...
    I did have one man call for the fifth time today - he actually told me they put my # on auto redial so that it calls continually!
    Well, I tried to call back and speak to someone, can't get through all of their automated lines - what a nightmare. It just says to give checking account #, way - they are not a legit company and they do harrass quite well.

  • Le
      21st of Aug, 2008
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    TRS . . . DO NOT USE Them. I left the store after picking our furniture. Left the store without signing a contract. Called back and ask the lady to take off a bar and inquired of her how much my balance was going to cost. She told me that she had already called the factor and had the item pulled therefore she was going to charge me a restocking fee of $200.00. This is a shady group and the BBC needs to investigate! The store in Durham came to pick-up some of our furniture when we were 3 days late. I told them that I was going to call the State Attorney General office and I have not had any problems from them. We paid off the bill and I strongly advise people not to deal with them.

  • Am
      28th of Jan, 2010
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    I have an existing account w/ When I went to purchase an item using a gift card there was a $.37 balance so I processed that through my checking acct I have on file with them. Low & behold 2 mths later I start receiving phone calls from TRS. They say I owe them 37 cents & a $25.00 fee for a bounced check. I contacted Amazon because I was confused. Turns out they tried to process this payment through a checking account that had been closed for over a year and I had asked be removed from my payment options! I have been on hold & spoken to more people than I can count! All of them just want to pass me off to someone else! WTH!!! I can't get Amazon to fix the problem(even though it was their fault!) TRS won't leave me alone & now I can't write a check to anywhere! I have since purcased items from Amazon w/ no problems but TRS is annoying as all et out. I have sent dispute letters, contacted my Att Gen, I am getting so mad!

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