Trojan/Magnum / whats that smell?

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I moved from australia to america to be with my boyfriend Now we started off with jsut regular sized condoms and both decided that he needed to move to a larger size. So we went to wallmart and got " Trojan *magnum* large sized condoms" got home started fooling around stuck on a condom and started going for it. Now we both smelt somthing disgusting but neither of us said anything. a day or 2 passed adn we did it again adn noticed the smell again after we had been going at a while i said to my boyfriend " uh is that the condom or am i just smelling somthing weird " and he replied " omg you smell that too" and i said " yeah kinda smells like rotton eggs doesnt it" Unfortuntly we bought a box that had like 36 condoms in there and they were rather expensive so didnt want them to go to waste so we used them all some smelt worse then others.
so we went back to walmart to find somthign different and Both walmarts we live near a walgreens and cvs pharmacy only had the ones that smelt disgusting so we went back to one of the walmarts and asked if they had any packed away and she pulled out the "trojan *magnum* hot and cold pack" so those are pok they dont smell bad BUT WHY THE HELL do our walmart stores really only carry one type of Large sized condoms and why the hell does trojan not have a complaints page. Trojan so far are the worst condoms i have come across and arent they ment to be americas numbere one brand

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      4th of Mar, 2017

    I hate the smell of Trojans too, the smell even STAYS in the woman for a long time, YUK! I couldn't find a complaint email for Trojan, so I found them of Facebook and wrote a complaint on there!

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