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This company sent a very official letter with our mortgage company's name all over it. They made it appear as though our mortgage company was offering a loan modification through the making homes affordable program. However, they tried to charge us $2500 to negotiate a new interest rate with our mortgage company and didn't guarantee that they will be able to get anything changed. I'm sure they probably would've drafted a nice letter to the bank for negotiations that would've been rejected since we do not qualify for the making homes affordable program. We're happy to provide copies of the paperwork to authority, but do not want to post it on this site since it has our personal information on it.

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  • Ms
      17th of Dec, 2012

    I have have found working with this company was in my benefit and they haelped me tremedously! Yes they charge but thats to be expected when your dealing with a law firm. I was denied at the bank twice and No one would help me and they did!!!

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  • Ge
      17th of Apr, 2013

    Probably your financials weren't in line, so don't assume you weren't qualified for the program just because the BANK told you, you weren't qualified. That is people problem, always get a second opinion to see. There are people that are denied everyday from the bank come to Trinity with the help of our experts get approved. Enough said!

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  • Ap
      8th of Jul, 2013

    i received offer as such experienced.
    foremost confirming legitimacy as of confidential documentation. no longer an issue as i confirm they are. i prior 'moded already, ' (22 months past) now a 'refi' not just mod, did the pre's and now proceeding with appropriate docs. not concerned of fee's's a 'f mae program of which i am eligible and will be minimal. will post conclusn appropiately...

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  • He
      26th of Jan, 2014

    I am in the processing of the loan refi. with trinity since Sept 2013, having heard anything back from them nor the bank...I have called several times to check on the progress, but the reception person seemed "short ", she did not give me much help with the information, and told me to call back in couple weeks. Now it is going on four months, and I am still waiting to hear some thing from them, and I hope it will be soon!
    One thing I do say " the person who had taken my call from the beginning, and told me that my request was approved and accepted; his name is George, he is certainly a very nice person" He does give me hope.

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  • He
      20th of Jun, 2014

    It's me again...the procedure for loan modification continue since Sept 2013 until now is still going on I have been continuing provided all my financial information to this company for them to fax or send it to the bank, but still every two weeks, they kept asking for more, I have sent them the same information over and over, it's cost me monies to fax all those documents, on top of the fee that they had charged me from the beginning.
    My question is " if I had provided all proofs of incomes and from what source of those incomes came from. So why Trinity law group rep.claim the bank want to know more and every to week? She also keeps telling me that my loan is with the underwriter, and has been saying that for last three months. Yesterday she sent me an email.and request the requested the exact same information as it was in so many time before...what kind of game are they playing?
    It is so stressful to deal with this kind redundant there someone know what they are doing when they are playing with real people EMOTIONS and HOPES.
    Can someone out there help!!!

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  • Sh
      29th of Aug, 2014

    Trinity law group on the surface appears to be preying on people with mortgage problems.
    Too bad results can't be confirmed

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  • Ia
      8th of Sep, 2014

    I received a "PROGRAM REVIEW NOTIFICATION". When I phoned them they answered the line as "Client Services". I asked for the actual name of the business and was told they were "TRINITY LAW GROUP". I requested that they remove me from their mailing list since I am not having problems with my mortgage. I was told that they do not have a remove list. Bull Hockey! She refused to remove me from their mailing list. Phone number given was (800) 430-9827. She refused to give me her name.


    Does everyone else have the same eligibility code of 90515320?

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  • Wh
      6th of Oct, 2014

    I had the same experience as the above, with an eligibility code of 100304539. First off, their mailer comes off as if it is from my lender, Citimortgage, and they have reviewed my account. The mailer offers a 2.00/3.00 fixed loan, which is lower than my current 2.75% loan. Once called, they sidestepped my questions regarding name of company, technician's name. Promised qualification questions would take only 5 minutes. But in truth, the questions required vast amounts of personal financial information, not readily available, and certainly not likely to share with an unknown entity. Told him I would gather the information and may call back another time, and he warned that my information would be lost if I did not call within 2 days. This might be misconstrued as, "offer not valid after 2 days".
    I'm not going to use this phony law group for any refinance. No way!

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  • Ti
      25th of Nov, 2014

    It's so funny to me how people with real financial issue's that can barely make it complain when there are people that can actually help you. The BANK rapes ya'll pockets daily (TOO FUNNY) but you put your trust in them, so sad!!! If there asking for documents its because your BANK is requesting them NOT Trinity. Man if people just use their brain our society will be so much further ahead. We live in a capitalist world and I do believe that NOBODY that has listed a complaint here works for FREE. If you do please post what you do I may need your services. STUPID...

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  • Fr
      21st of May, 2015

    This company is a joke! They took our $6200.00 and did NOTHING for us. We needed assistance with our 1st mtg. We were able to pay the 2nd. They told us to go delinquent on all loans. We called twice a week and never got a call back. On accident, we found out from our 2nd mtg company that our loan had gone to charge off's. Trinity knew nothing about this. 10 months later, nothing happened. They won't return any calls or emails. They have no idea who they are. Every time I call them, they answer the phone with a different name. They stopped returning my calls when I asked for their attorney's contact information. I wonder if he knows this is how his so called company is being ran?? So sad they rip people off like this!!

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  • Ma
      24th of Jul, 2015

    This law firm is terrible. They took 2500. On the phone, they guaranteed me that they would refund my money if I was dissatisfied with their services. At first they asked over and over for the same information. And now, they refuse to answer calls or emails. DO NOT USE THIS GROUP!

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  • Tm
      22nd of Apr, 2016

    I got ripped off also, , just like others have said I received a very professional letter. Several employees helped me at first but after they got my money, no more help. Currently only a anwsering machine anwsers but nobody for months will return a call. It's clear now that these poeple had no intentions of helping me. They are just crooks!!

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  • Br
      13th of May, 2016

    yes they are crooks...they have a class action civil law suit against them from previous customers...cant believe that the government needs to stop, them just had my bank assets frozen because of them they took my money and ran...promises, promises... now just voice mail when you call them. we all need to file complaints thru better business bureau, regarding their so called business practices.

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  • Ka
      26th of Jul, 2016

    I am writing this on behalf of my sister and deceased brother in law who were also taken in by the letters. Like everyone else they seemed to be helping at first but once they were paid, did nothing. My sister got her modification on her own, asked for the refund promised and got no where. She finally called the Attorney William Vallejos who sent her a check for a partial refund. Guess what it bounced!!! Now they won't even answer her calls or offer to send her a new check. I am encouraging her to file a report with the police department. I think everyone who has been scammed by this company and this attorney should join in on a class action lawsuit and file complaints with the California Bar Association to close this company and this attorney down so that they cannot continue to take advantage of people in distress. I have been in real estate lending for 44 years and their activity is illegal. It's called fraud!!

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  • Ch
      15th of Aug, 2016

    My name is Charles E. Whelchel and I live in Palmdale California. Trinity law is 'Supposed a Law Firm' that's supposedly staffed with: A Highly trained and competently staffed results oriented customer representatives? But, alas, I've trajectcally discovered that their 'In-house staff: ' Are little more then a bunch of poorly trained 'Stooges' whose primary function is to placate it's customers with a myriad of delaying excuses that lead to nowhere? In a word: Trinity is nothing more then Charlatan operation that takes your money but delivers little, or, as in my case: NOTHING? I mean: NOTHING. I'd hoped, and prayed, that Trinity was a legal company with MUSCLE. But, alas, I've since they're little more then a company that's better identified as a wimp? Semper Fi.

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