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Seems to be getting some steam building up after almost a year of being pretty much unknown.
Well I am here to tell you, stay away, watch your step, don't get caught up with this little two bit company unless you want to be fed a bunch of lies and get your dreams all built up only to have them torn down.
Yes, I fell for the crap. I was there in the beginning. I believed everything I was told, the sob story about how the CEO was done wrong and I believed it. It took me many months of busting my butt, being used and pretty much shunned when I started to question things, but I finally saw the light. They use their recruits to do the dirty work, to bash people and products so they look good. I drank their kool aid but it was bitter.
The product Trim Down Fiber Plus is fair - yes I lost some weight but after thinking about it the weight I lost was mostly due to me changing my habits - exercising which I never ever did before and really being more conscious of the food going in my mouth. Could I have done the same thing without the product? Damn straight I could!! And I have
I became a person I no longer liked, listening and believing every lie I was told and worse doing things I wouldn't normally do all because I let myself be influenced by a pissed off woman. She had it all and screwed it up so what better way to get it all back then to start your own company, start rumors and spread lies. Yes I believed it at first, but all it took was for me to get a brain and see what was going on.
So my point, if you're thinking about joining this company, think again - be prepared to be thrown into a lion's den. They'll have you doing things that make you question who you are and where your values lie. I couldn't do it any longer, glad I got out before it was too late to save my reputation.
The product - eh it's ok but nothing you can't buy at Walmart for a fracion of the cost
Save your money, save your time and most importantly save your sanity

Feb 11, 2015
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  • Su
      Feb 21, 2015

    No companies leadership should use affiliates or members as pawns to do any of their dirty work. Why can't people just do business in an upstanding way. Leaders should only be there to support you and inspire you. Negativity has no place in these kinds of businesses. I'm sick to death of seeing all the negative posts and bashing that these affiliates put on their walls concerning other companies (mainly one). So unprofessional and classless.

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  • Tr
      Feb 22, 2015

    Absolutely Susan - I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this happening. This company left a bad taste in my mouth - and to see people I once respected lower themselves to the manipulation and lies is just disgusting. There's a right way and a wrong way to run a new company. Using people who trust you and think you are amazing to do your dirty work is so classless - but then shouldn't surprise me one bit considering where it's coming from.

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