Travis Industries/Stoves and StuffPoor Quality Terrible Customer Service

My wife and I purchased a Travis Industries Avalon wood pellet stove from Stoves and Stuff, in Emmaus PA, 5 years ago. We have done nothing but repair it for all 5 years. We have replaced numerous gaskets, a convection blower moter (less than a year ago), now it needs another convection blower motor and a new control panel. Once again numerous parts are failing. I have contacted the manufacturer, and as numerous other complaints by numerous other individuals state, the the service representatives (specifically one named Scott) are rude and not helpful. The store at which the product was purchased has been totally uncooperative in resolving the matter. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A TRAVIS INDUSTRIES PRODUCT OR BUY ANYTHING FROM STOVES AND STUFF!

Jan 28, 2014

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