Travelocity / ticket cancellation refund

Following failure to travel by my son in August 2016, I tried to rebook in May 2017. On between 22 May and 1st June- I communicated with Travelocity enquiring about my airline credit- I was referred to many different agents and finally on 1st June was assured that ticket had been cancelled and I should use the airline credit by 16th December 2017.

Starting Friday 17th November, I started the process of rebooking the travel I received several mixed messages which included 1) Airline credit was no longer available 2) When I shared the messenger messages- they finally relented and we started process of looking for tickets online. - I waited for the Ticket and this was never issued despite going through motion of giving Travelocity my Credit Card number for them to get rebooking fees and additional funding (Communication from Jac on Monday heighted yellow)

Upon following up, I was told on Tuesday 21st November, that airline was not able to issue ticket, because credit had expired. I referred agent to Messenger messages and once again- they said airline credit was now available, (Msg by Ednelyne)

I called again and helped find new Itinerary. But unfortunately this again was cancelled and I received the following msg

308. As discussed over the phone, for one-time courtesy we would like to offer you a $100 coupon and you can use the coupon to book a pre-paid Travelocity rate stand-alone hotel or a package (flight + hotel) reservation. You may access the coupon by logging into your account, go to "My Account", and click "Coupons". In addition, if you would book a new flight we will refund the difference from $995.30. Please let us know how you would like us to proceed with your reservation so we can assist you further. ^Fatima 2/2

I told Fatima that because of challenge in having ticket booked and cancelled, I had gone ahead without Travelocity support to book a new ticket which I showed- I explained that $995.30- could be used to offset part of the CAD $ 1865.55 on a new itinerary. My conversation with FATIMA below advised that Travelocity would pay the airline credit

325. Please be advised that we can only refund the difference from your new flight to your existing airline credit once you have already a confirmed booking that you must purchase. ^Fatima
326. Elizabeth
327. Yes this is a booking that I have which you can pay for and I pay the difference
329. Travelocity
330. Please be advised that we will only process a refund for the fare difference and not to purchased new booking. You may let us know if you have a new flight booked and that's the time we will process reimbursement. ^Fatima

Unfortunately according to agent Kevin- the final message was to start the booking process all over again and that no credit would be refunded since I had already booked a new ticket.

As of today- I have purchased a new ticket to allow my son to travel for Christmas in Zimbabwe. Despite having airline credit- I was not able to use it because of the many agents and different messages that were given. I would appeal for Travelocity to reimburse the $995 due to me as this was supposed top have been used to pay for the ticket.

I would like to appeal for help in getting this refund credited to my bank as I am not a very rich person.

Thank you

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Nov 22, 2017

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