Travelers Insurance / unethical behavior

United States

Yesterday, at roughly 11:00 am I contacted travelers insurance to inquire about a reduction towards my premium. I was then prompt by the automated system to choose a category that would assist me with any concerns. As I waited, I was shortly greeted by a representative by the name pronounced Janet or Jeanette. At first, the business matter began on a professional level. However, that soon changed when I asked her a question in particular. I informed her that I was considering eliminating my spouse from my policy in an attempt to pay less weekly/monthly through my provider. She informed me on several occasions, that removing my spouse would be infeasible. I couldn't understand why, so I asked her more than once, hoping for a further explanation. Her replies were very short and unclear. For example, when I asked if my spouse could be taken off, she replied "no" with no feedback to explain as to why. I advised her that my spouse had her own means of transportation and insurance carrier, but she persist that "no" was the answer. I also asked Janet for her last name, but she refused to provide that information. Afterwards, in the middle of a blurred conversation, I was told that my premium had gone up to an additional $19.00 as a result from my change of address. That information was understanding, however it was the way and time that she delivered the information making it appear as vindictive. After realizing that my questions were not being answered, I asked to speak with her supervisor. After being placed on hold, she soon returned stating that a supervisor was unable to be reached, so another call representative would take the call. This person introduced himself as Jose last name pronounced (SO-PER-TOE) I recall. At this point, I inquired for further assistance, so I asked him for the corporate number to Travelers Insurance. He provided the information as requested, along with Janet (tte) last name. He stated that Janet's last name was McCarthy.
I do not appreciate how I was treated as a customer. Ms. McCarthy's behavior was unacceptable the opposite of customer service. Please take this written response a formal complaint against Ms. McCarthy.

Oct 16, 2018

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