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I wont waste your time telling my stroy from start to finish, but basically I placed an order on a Wednesday for delivery the next day. Then on the next day the money hadnt arrived so I chased it up and they said I was 60p short on my transfer - (I asked to exchange £500 to EUR and they suggested £500.64 to make like easier for them) but because I didnt want to make it £500.64 they sat on my money and didnt send the currency.. So I called and asked them to cancel the order as I was travelling the next day, and now they have charged me over £35 for the pleasure. I have had numerous coversations with them and have just been told "it's in our terms and conditions" which I dont doubt but they could show some flexibility.

I have now spoken to colleagues here and out of a company of 11, 7 of us have used this bunch of cowboys and none of us would use them again, solely due to the customer service and the terrible way the company is run.


On another note, the same day I was having all this aggro with TravelFX I placed an order online with Travelex. I then collected the money from Gatwick Airport Airside and they were absolutely great! It was exactly the same cost / amount as the jokers at TravelFX but they were brilliant at Travelex. I just took the print out and job done. Also they let the people we were travelling with exchange their money at the same rate I got online rather than the one at the Airport which was a really nice touch.

So whatever you do, dont use DAMIAN GEORGE and TRAVEL FX - they are TERRIBLE!!

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  • Va
      11th of Apr, 2012 - Avoid at all costs, failed to communicate at all
    United States

    Avoid at all costs, failed to communicate at all, didn't deliver on time and took charges when the advertised offer is fee free. Always a problem when you part with your money to unregulated companies, they can do what they like. Considering court action to recover charges.

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  • To
      21st of Jun, 2012

    Internet only company. They claim that they have NO ABILITY WHATSOEVER to make out-going phone calls!! Ordered £800 of Turkish Lira from them in May, never arrived. They claim that they are doing their best to recover the money from Royal Mail but having since spoken to Royal Mail, the claim wasn't submitted till a MONTH LATER!! I've had but only a few emails from Travel FX, none of which have been useful. Ended up using credit card and now paying interest on that as a result. If you really want, no hassle, foreign exchange, I would definitely recommend that for a slightly lower rate (a few pence or so) I would get currency in person from a real exchange place. If you want to be stupid enough to still use Travel FX after this review, feel free to, though don't complain if the 'Trusted' Royal Mail lose your item or it goes missing, as you will unlikely get your money back as Travel FX seem only interested in taking your money and don't care about recovering it for you. Also, as it is BACS transfer only, YOU HAVE NO PROTECTION from your bank, so once your money has left your account, its gone. No getting it back! BEWARE.

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  • Oa
      6th of Nov, 2012 - Do not use, similar story to the people below
    United States

    Do not use, similar story to the people below. I placed an order on the 2nd of november and paid but apparantly it never showed on their accounts until after midday on monday the 5th of november. I had to cancel because the money would not have reached in time and they charged me £25 plus another £28 on a poor currency rate!!!

    DO NOT USE!!

    I asked for proof that my money had arrived late and obviously they couldn't give it to me. Steve Luck was absolutely useless.

    P.S they have no company base. Secret location in hertfordshire.

    Now i know why!!!

    Scam artists.

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  • Do
      28th of Jul, 2013

    I worked here in the past and Damian is a bully, sexist and exploits people out of their money. This company has no morals and all they are about is screwing people over to make a pretty penny. I'd personally never use this company and I advise anyone to stay well away from them.

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  • Da
      16th of Oct, 2013

    Travel fx ltd ripoff
    Like others on this site I have suffered at the dubious conduct and cynical exploitation of customers who entrust Travel FX Ltd with large sums of money, expecting an honest and speedy exchange transaction.
    I was unfortunate enough to telephone them on a Thursday for confirmation that, should I order them, would I receive £500 worth of euros by noon the following Monday (cutting it fine I know as we were leaving on the Tuesday morning.
    I was assured that I would receive them by pre-noon Recorded Delivery and they proceeded to suggest it would be easier to take my details there and then over the phone.
    I'll try to keep this short but basically they withheld the exchange on the grounds that they said they had emailed me to ask for a further £2 and a few pence to round up the amount to make it more convenient to package the euro denominations. I wouldn't have minded at all but I never saw the email and when I rang them after the delivery deadline they said NO they hadn't sent them, NO they wouldn't be sending them and NO I wouldn't get my £500 back in time to purchase euros elsewhere. This disgraceful business practice, which they were obviously well practised in, left me only a few hours to madly arrange to get another £500 and to obtain euros at a far worse exchange rate.
    My point is that (a) they could have rounded the transaction down and refunded the difference or (b) provided £500 worth which is what I'd asked for and the order value they'd accepted or (c) telephoned me when the extra £2+ hadn't arrived after a short time. Heaven forbid that they use option (d) which would have been to complete with the rounded up figure and requested the tiny difference after the event.
    Any of these would have been what any decent company would have done but no, Travel FX Ltd would rather cause innocent holidaymakers an enormous amount of inconvenience and cost, totally out of proportion to the petty extra £2+ which they said they'd asked for.
    Needless to say, they DIDN'T refund my money for several weeks and then had the audacity to charge me £71.02 in, I assume, cancellation fees for an exchange which THEY prevented from completion and reversal fees for changing my £500 back to sterling which is obviously nonsense as they never changed it into euros in the first place. It is really annoying to think that they hold us customers in such contempt that they think we'd accept this type of behavior.
    I am not accepting this and took legal advice. They have 14 days to pay the rest and then they'll be dragged through the small claims procedures which, at the very least, will cause them no little inconvenience as I will summons them if they ignore it. I know £71 odd isn't a great deal of money but why should I allow them to take it from me. I hesitate to use the word steal even though that is what I believe it to be.

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  • Wi
      27th of Jan, 2015

    Had to cancel an order because TravelFX had been 'let down by suppliers and run out of stock' and couldn't deliver in the required time frame.

    I was charged the punitive sum of £93.81 on a £702.59 order.

    Use this organisation at your peril!

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