Transunionpayment in arrears

Good day,

The Company I represent as legal adviser, Health Solutions Africa - South Africa (Pty) Ltd, rendered services to the debtor, Endless Life Group (Pty) Ltd and the debtor has not paid us for 5 months' services rendered (April - August 2017). We are not credit providers, but deliver tech and software solutions. We have requested that the outstanding amount be paid and if within a certain timeline, we would have offered a decreased settlement amount.

I have written Notice letters of overdue payments, Letters of Demand as well as Acknowledgement of Debt documents, which the debtor agreed to sign, but never did. This ongoing communication timeline is form August 2017 - July 2018. We contacted them again and wrote another Letter of Demand and sent it via registered mail, as well as hand delivered the Letter, receipt acknowledged by them April

Said Company is still registered under CIPC, but is undergoing a deregistration process.

I wrote them a letter, as required by the National Credit Act, advising them that we will be blacklisting them within 20 business days, which 20 business days has now lapsed, for which I received a read receipt report. (27 July 2018)

I look forward to receiving your timeous response.

Michelle Davin

Nov 23, 2018

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