Transunion, Experian And Equifax / Lie to everyone!

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These places are a major scam. I can't believe the government promotes these three crooked reporting bureaus. They have a monopoly and are screwing the consumers. The information they have is not even legit. They are so many inaccuracies. This place does not protect consumers but protects the owners wallets. If you have a problem with their information you cant do anything about it. They will ignore you and the people who work here will make your credit worse.<br />
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They also outsource by hiring incompetent Indians, so if you call them you won't understand a word they say. Also who is to say these random Indians couldn't hijack your information including credit card?<br />
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They charge you for things that are free. And mess up your credit because of their incompetence and greed.<br />
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These are the people we turn to in order to protect us? what a joke! Protect yourselves because clearly these credit reporting agencies don't care!<br />
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People should not trust credit reports! The whole system is a greedy scam!

Jul 29, 2014

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