Transunion / my report

CA, United States

Transunion is a joke... they are so full of it. Ive been trying to verify I am myself for 3mos. now this is ridiculous. They keep sending me papers saying they cant verify that I am me because of this or that I have a letter right now from them again saying that my proof they required is illegible which isw ah crock so here I am sending it again but now im sending my original bill they can have it I want to send my original drivers license (can I do that) they can have that too if thats what it takes... It would of been easier to go to my doctor and submit blood but they'd probaly say they didnt get that either... Im going to send the documents AGAIN but I clearly see that they are just buying time and they will reject them too. I went to the web site FTC (Federal Trade Commission) but it says they dont take personal complaints. My e-mail is [protected] if anyone out there knows who /where/how I can make a complaint please send me the information it would not only save me time but postage stamps also...

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