TracPhone / extremely poor customer service

Whenever I have to call Tracfone they do not seem to understand the issue. They repeat the problem put you on hold and then tell you they are waiting for the system to load etc... and the call usually last at least an hour or more.

This time I had to call because my phone broke and I bought a new one from them and I was able to activate it online and also transfer minutes and my phone number but they kicked the phone out of the monthly value plan and when I called them to fix this I was on the phone for ninety minutes and talked to four different people and the only thing that they were able to accomplish was to kick another one of the phones off the value plan- finally they transferred me to a supervisor and I was put on hold for 10 minutes and then I hung up. I chatted with them and could not get the problem fixed they said I had to cancel the plan and re-enroll all three phones at the same time- the problem with this was that the value plan was not offer on the website so I would have to call customer service to do this. I told the chat lady that if I ever have to call Tracfone again I won't call I will just cancel my account. I think they do this on purpose because they make their money off of airtime sales.

Mar 21, 2017

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