TracFone Wireless / sales people are liars

i called tracfone for options before purchasing/transfer from net10. i was told best option bring own phone $125 yearly. i repeatedly asked about my friend getting lower price, yet i was not offered any better options. after i purchased i then found out ebay third party authorized sellers was the plan i was asking about. i then called sales and they now agreed telling me to purchase phone/plan thru the ebay authorized seller and told me i could get a refund on the $125 yearly plan. after a dozen calls all the way to a manager i was told no refund. i was also charged for a month on my old net10 plan which i used for 7 days. again told no refund even after sales person told me not to worry i'd be getting the partial refund on both plans. end of story the sales lied and misled me over and over. to use the 800 # there was always a 30 minute plus wait so i used direct as told by sales person not knowing it took time off my plan every time. now i've wasted all this time and being charged for it. i want the refunds i was promised.

Jan 29, 2018

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