TracFonephone number portability

About a month ago, I bought a new Tracfone (serial no. [protected]) for my boyfriend whose old Tracfone (serial no.: [protected]) had broken. We both spent hours on the phone trying to transfer the old phone no. [protected]) to the new phone and attempting to activate the new one. After talking to about 6 or 7 different reps who couldn't seem to accomplish this, one finally said it was done. I then tried to add his phone to my family plan, but again spend hours talking to countless reps with no success. It ended up that instead of transferring the old phone number, as was requested, we were given a new phone no. without being told. I then spend countless hours trying to get customer service to get the original phone number back, to no avail. Extremely frustrated, I finally gave up, since no one seemed interested in resolving the error. After resigning myself to the fact that the old no. was lost, I tried (yes, for hours) to get the new phone added to my family plan and was told there was an error and to check again in 24 to 48 hours. Well, it has been way more than 48 hours (weeks, in fact), and, totally fed up with customer service and tech support, I decided to use the Web site to check the status of this issue. I got an error message and a phone no. to call (this has happened many times during this debacle as well). To conclude, I am thoroughly fed up. If I could, I'd just get rid of our Tracfones and find an alternative, but we've been customers for years without any problems (because we never had to deal with customer service). Clearly, customer retention is unimportant to Tracfone, because no attempt has been made to elevate any of these issues despite my many attempts to resolve them and my obvious frustration. Meanwhile, no one can call my boyfriend, since his phone number isn't working, and after a month, his phone is unusable. The new phone has no minutes, and of course, no one knows the phone number.

Dec 16, 2014

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