Town Fair Tireservice

On Jan. 22 2015 we had an appointment to have two tires put on the front. When we got there we were told they SOLD our tires to someone else. That should of been my first RED FLAG, but we let it slide.To SAVE MONEY!! We made ANOTHER appointment again. They put on the tires with no problems. Made another appointment to have the rear tires replaced for Feb.4 at 11 am. I was not there more then 10 mins. I was told I was good to go. I assumed the job was done RIGHT by CERTIFIED staff, I MISJUDGED THAT!!! I went to my appointment with Goodyear tires on the back. When I got home I checked out my NEW TIRES and to my surprise I still had GOODYEAR TIRES on the rear. So I went back up and asked them why are my OLD TIRES still on my car when I bought new ones ( GT CHAMPIRO VP1 ). Of course they fixed the PROBLEM and gave me a $20.00 discount. What BOTHERS me the MOST is the reason they gave me. They told me they thought I wanted the back tires on the front. If that's the case WHY were they GOOD YEAR!!! My dealership would of put 4 GOODYEAR TIRES for $500.00. I NOW WISH I went there. Instead I got my first tires SOLD to someone else. They did not do what I PAID for. But what REALLY BOTHERS ME IS... I WAS LIED TO!!! That is sad and I am very insulted You know what they say about " WORD OF MOUTH " !!! Here are the invoice #'s [protected] and [protected]

Feb 05, 2015

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