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Town Fair Tire / double charging

1 Derby, United States Review updated:

heres another for Town Fair Tire...i went in and ordered 2 Cooper Zeon tires..the tires came in about three hours later and they did what i wanted mount balance and salesman was busy with others so someone else helped me cash out...NOW here is the problem..the tires came to a total of $386.59...i paid $390.00 in cash and got $3.41 in its been almost 3 1/2 weeks and i recieve a call from Town Fair saying...""we need to discuss your invoice our corporate office is saying there is an open account for your sale which means that we never got paid and they would like me to come in and pay"" because someone either screwed up and never put it into the system or one of the employees has sticky fingers they are expecting me to go down and pay for my tires AGAIN...i told them i refuse to pay again and they asked if i had a receipt...the day after the work was done i called and told them i never got a ""PAID""invoice only a small cash register receipt..when they asked for proof of payment 3 weeks later i told them what i had and they said they never use those types of slips...they have called me 4-5 times a day for over a week now and im just waiting to speak to corporate and in the meantime i have contacted ATTORNEY GENERAL Richard Bluementhal's office to help me with this unresolved issue...WARNING STAY AWAY FROM TOWN FAIR TIRE .. they will rip you off...

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  • Dr
      27th of Apr, 2009
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    Town Fair Tire does indeed use the slips that you are talking about, however they are only used with their calculators. Usually when your vehicle is done, your invoice and keys will be put in a slip awaiting your return. These invoices can sometimes be kept for several days, but its not very likely. Its always a good practice to make sure you get an invoice before you leave, because during the time you got your work done (judging by your post date), the stores are backed up too much to remember to give you everything.

  • Ex
      8th of Aug, 2011
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    massachusetts state laws for workers states: that in one eight hour shift an employe must recieve one half hour break, and at minimum one 15 min break. on my sons behalf i have reported this company to the massachusetts bureau of better business. my son does not have time to take a 5 min break let alone a lunch break. the company and its policies is not up to date and they will not keep getting away with this. Your employees are not slaves and you may not treat them as such, if this problem persists there will be consequences for not following state law. The law is there for the employees not the employer, i suggest that you have all management review state working laws, and impliment them immediatly!

  • 12
      17th of Aug, 2012
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    I have worked with this company since 2006. They DO treat the workers like slaves. It's a sign here and your a slave or don't sign and well u dot have to be a slave type of business. We pay for our uniforms, we paint their walls, seal their floors, paint their machines, mow their lawns, fix all there equipment plus maintain our own work load plus more for under 12 dollars and hour. While I felt all the seasons change through the year the sales dept gets to watch pass behind a glass window in a controlled climate. The techs average about 20-30 thousand dollars a year less the sales department. Now I loved my work not the company, and after the many years of service the amount of work in comparison to pay it wasn't worth it. But would I jus give up and leave no, realistically we have bills and they must get paid. So I just delt with it, until this week I was fed up and said with all do respect unless it's in my job discription I will not do it. They fired me for insubordination. Is that even right? This company has not morals just deep pockets that they want filled by you! Stay away from this company their the bj whole sale of tires and rims that they mark up!

  • Sr
      4th of Nov, 2014
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    My husband has worked for Derby TFT for almost three yrs and has gotten nothing but grief..he comes home with horror stories of people drinking and selling drugs..leaving inbetween shifts to buy pills...tire techs stealing tires and used rims...doing side deals while legit customers wait around..and here's the husband hhas been what they call "they're best employee"...he's polite, works hard, picks up after everyone. etc etc..they loved him so much that he recieved 4 raises in less then 2yrs...BUT now that pur family is having a personal crisis they would rather let him go instead of giving him the 3wks of fewer hours that we need to deal with and amend things. its sickening to know the kind of people who work there anall the things theu get away with..Tire techs have caused THOUSANDS of dollars in damages to customers cars and yet no one is reprimanded...My family needs my husband to work 10hrs less a wk for the next 3wks but they'd rather fire him!!!

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