Tours4fun / they need to be turned in to the irs

A friend and I book a tour with them and it was awful. We had to change hotels on monday morning. We could not get in room with them till they got here from L.A. That was at 5:30pm and they were late. Then we had a visit from the tour guide and told us if we wanted to see the night life of vegas it would be another 75 dollars and the grand canyon the next day was going to be another 70 dollars. Also a 24 dollars service fee all in cash, I tried to use my card he said no so I had to pay $8 fee at an atm. So we had to give him $200 each. When we booked the tour the lady on the phone said everything was paid for no more money was needed. Bull ###. We left at 5am and stayed almost 2.5 hours. We drove by hoover dam and saw it from a bridge. The lunch was suppose to happen. It did at a chine's restaurant that had close 2 hours before and kept what they had left for us. People had tickets to show at 6:00, but guess what time we got back, up 6:10. The tour guide was rude, ad only talked to us english speaking people (That is how he referred to us) when he had to, other wise it was all chine's. ! Lady fell stepping off the curb and cut her hand they had no bandits on the buss. With all that cash I would say they do not claim it only the money given online. Spread the word they are crooks and need closed down.

Mar 23, 2017

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