Total Credit Recovery / Rude, Harassing Calls, Refusal to Communicate Clearly


I suddenly started receiving harassing calls from an anonymous looking Ontario phone number several times a day (during work hours when I can't really take the call anyway). When I finally answer, a machine tells me to hold while they connect me to an agent and its regarding "An important business matter." I wait a minute or two, no answer. So I hang up. An hour later the phone is ringing again, same story. Finally after ignoring about 15 calls over 3 days, and trying to answer 3 more, I get connected to a man i believe was named Alex.
He asks to speak with me by name, to which I ask who's calling. Immediately he becomes aggressive and rude and demands I identify myself. I point out he called me and I'd like to know who's been repeatedly robo-calling my personal cell phone for 3 days. He accuses me of not being able to answer a simple question like what is my name, yet refuses to tell me why he's calling, or what company he represents. He even tries to tell me that he's already told me that information. I repeatedly tell him to remove my informatin from whatever call list they're using, which is doesn't even acknowledge. He simply ignores the request and talks over top of me. After a minute of going in circles, he finally admits he's calling from Total Credit Recovery, and now he's even ruder than before. He again tries to get me to tell him my name, and address or date of birth to identify myself while citing that he needs to verify who I am before he can tell me anything. To which I reply that I don't give out personal information over the phone to companies that call me. This is just good practice, and he can't honestly be surprised that I'm not spitting out every detail about myself.
I ask over and over for even a slight hint at what the call could be regarding, but he refuses. He finally says if I won't identify myself then we can't speak, to which I respond that I am happy with that, and please don't call any more.

I have done work for the Total Credit Recovery offices in the past, so I recognize the nature of the call once he identified the company, the problem is I don't actually owe anyone money. There is nothing listed in my credit history as overdue, all of my credit cards are paid to zero, cell phone and cable bills are actually overpaid, I closed out my only bank loan 2 months ago, and my car insurance was paid in full in cash.

The calls continue. 5 or 6 times a day.

A few days goes by and I finally talk to another person. They do the same song and dance about needing me to identify myself and citing privacy laws saying they can't tell me anything until i do. But they do let slip that they're calling on behalf of Bell Mobility. So I hang up and call Bell Mobility. They only have one record of an account with someone having a similar name, that was closed AND PAID IN FULL a few months ago...

I suppose I will hear from them again tomorrow... If it wasn't so invasive I might actually have a bit of fun wasting these people's time. Shame a civilized conversation couldn't happen to get them off my case.

May 13, 2015

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