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Total Cleanse / Fraud - E shopping

1 UT, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 877-859-1107

I suggest that both Total Cleanse and My EZ Trim are connected. At the same time I ordered the ACAI Berry from My EZ Trim, I ordered Total Cleanse, on a whim and gave them each authorization to take shipping charges of 3.95 and 5.95, EZ Trim and Total Cleanse, consecutively. My account was charged the $3.95 and a confirmation email was sent as below - no valid contact information back to them was included. The phone number included is not a working number.

The Total Cleanse arrived with a shipping order summary showing I was charged $5, 95, which was taken from my account. My EZ Trim failed to send me a product and has now charged me $89.31 upon the expiration of a bogus 14 day trial period!!! I never got a trial period! The Total Cleanse is bogus. The enlosure information is bogus with no real information and no further contact information.


Your Order Is In Process
Dear Joan,
Thank you for choosing Total Cleanse .

We are happy to inform you that your order has been placed in the processing queue and will be expedited shortly.
Important order information:

Order # 378475

Customer # 911925
Shipping Address:

In order to ensure the security and confidentiality of our correspondence with our customers, we do not accept inquiries via open email. Please DO NOT reply to this email. Customer service representatives are available by phone at [protected].
Thank you again for your business!

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  • Ma
      20th of Nov, 2008
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    It happened to me too. How did you get your complaint resolved? I'm still trying to figure it out. Thanks

  • To
      27th of Nov, 2008
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    Total cleanse has also ripped me off. We have tried to contact them, but the phone # is not a working number. So we have turned to our bank for help because this is a scam. Our bank is trying to help find out who this is and what they can do to stop it. Total Cleanse has charged our credit card 3 times in 10 days so if you ordered this product watch your account.

  • Bl
      28th of Nov, 2008
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    II have fallen for this scam as well! I saw that I was charged 29.95 for the fit factory. I called the acai berry people and complained on why I was charged if I was still on the 21 day trial period. I got reimbursed and cancelled for that subscription. I was smart and printed the whole order when I did order it. I looked thru it and founfd out that there will be another charge of 8.51 for price limbo. I called back and cancelled that. While on the phone, i did mention that I have not received my products and that the trial period was almost over. They wanted to extend my trial period for another month. I agreed to it, but just for the acai berry. They were nice and gave me confirmation numbers for everything. I mentioned total Cleanse and they gave me a number for total cleanse. They said I had to call them for questions and concerns. I called the number and it sounded as if it was busy and hung up. I tried again and same deal. By this time I logged on the internet and found this page on how it was all a scam. I freaked! I called acai berry people back and told them that I wanted to cancel ALL of it including Total Cleanse. I got it all canceled but once again I was told to call Total Cleanse directly to cancel with them. i did say that it was a bogus number and it would be best if they gave me a correct number. I got 786-554-2446 from the csr. I called and sure enough it worked. i got my whole order cancelled and left a good note that if I see any charges on my account from them, that they will hearing from my lawyer. I got a confirmation number as well. Good luck and Thanks for the heads up!

  • Da
      28th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    oh i had the same thing happen to me. her is a strand of e-mail that was sent to the company.

    From: Darcy
    Sent: Tuesday, November 25, 2008 7:26 PM
    Subject: refund... very upset customer... bad customer service

    hello my name is Darcy XXXXXXX. XXXXXXXXXXX
    I ordered your myeztrim product for a free trial for only shipping of $3 something. and had attempted 2 times to call your company when I was off of work or on a break. I waited 10 min and hung up the phone waiting for a customer service provider. today I have received your product and have trough it away because I did not want to use ur product and have decided I didn't want to risk putting this into my body. I have called customer service and have gotten employee
    she told me that she could not help me because I have through away the product I was on the phone with this lady debating about how was it my responsibility when I have tried to contact the company before the product come to fix this problem. After a while I felt that she has gotten frustrated and I could tell through her voice. I do not appreciate being talked over but this employee and had told many times not to talk over me... I did keep my calm and did not curse at this lady and did not yell at this lady.
    after you could tell that she was frustrated she proceeded to me to just LIE to the COMPANY in an e-mail and tell them that I had not received this product and that I would like my money back. then I was curious why she couldn't refund me at that point because no matter what way you looked at it there was going to be a lie. I do not feel that I should lie to any that is why I told the lady what had happened. Therefore all I am asking is that I need to receive my $89.31 back in my account. because I have 10 day to report to my company with this dispute or I can cancel this disputed with my credit card company with in these 10 days. I would like to know by phone at XXXXXXXXXXXX from 3:30pm to 5:00 between wed 11-26 to fri 11-28 because I have work off at these times. if u let me know I will then be able to make a decision if to follow through this dispute or to cancel this dispute.
    thank you
    Darcy XXXXXXX

    (i went down stairs and found the product next to the trash can and sent this e-mail)

    On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 8:55 PM, Darcy wrote:
    I have sent an e-mail earlier about a refund... I found the product and I am sending it back on 11-26-08 it is open. Darcy XXXXXXX

    (then i got this e-mail in return)

    From: Customer Service
    To: Darcy
    Sent: Wednesday, November 26, 2008 3:29 PM
    Subject: Re: refund... very upset customer... bad customer service

    Ms. XXXXXXX,

    I have listened to the recording of your phone call and I find it not necessary to reprimand our customer service agent. The moment she referred you to email our corporate email address there was an immediate misunderstanding as she did incorrectly word what she was asking you to do. Unfortunately at that moment when she was also explaining the ACTUAL necessary steps to request a refund you spoke over her. You weren't lied to, from the very beginning there was a failure to understand on both ends.
    Our representative handled your concerns appropriately and as trained to do as you agreed to the terms and conditions of your order. I pulled our records, our hold times have not exceeded 10 minutes and especially not the 20 that you claim. Our hours of operation are 6am to 9pm MST which is what we do to cover schedules across the nation.
    You were not asked to lie to the company, that was the interpretation you insisted on hanging onto throughout the duration of the call. I do not appreciate how you insulted my agent by calling her a stupid person.

    According to the call, you said the product sent to you is at the dump...

    Nonetheless, your account has been refunded.

    (and sent this in return)

    Thank you for the return of the money. But overall I am not happy with the service I have received and I am not happy with you saying that I called Mary stupid. If you re-listen to the recording, I did not call Mary stupid I stated that she had inferred that I was stupid. I was not in anyway trying to harm this lady's career, but I did want it to be known that I felt as if I was told to lie to the company. I am sorry that you have not decided to listen to the concerns of your customers. Therefore I feel that this was not handled appropriately in any way at all. I am not happy with this company in any way shape or form. Furthermore if you would take the time to look online at other upset customers concerns that have been posted over the internet your company might find it fit to change how you treat individuals. in addition, this e-mail you have sent me would have been fine if you would have left out "I do not appreciate how you insulted my agent by calling her a stupid person." As i had stated i did not call her stupid. And if XXXX feels that i did call her stupid i will write an e-mail of apology to this lady.

    Darcy XXXXXXX

    You know the main reason that i am mad is the customer service... i feel that this company needs to get their customer service fixed. i do not think we need additude when we get our money taken from us. And i did send an e-mail to Oprah<<<< hopefully she could warn others about these people

    i called 1-877-350-8480

    but the best thing to do is call ur credit card so they dont charge any other transactions.
    i felt so unsafe from this that i got a new card number. and the sad/good thing is i will never buy anything off othe internet ever again without calling the companyfirst. this myeztrim is a huge scam

  • Sh
      4th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    I called the credit card people and they transfered everything over to new account and then I have to call the billing department and tell them about it and dispute it and they will take care of it and you will not have to pay.

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