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Torres Credit Services


false debt

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Torres Credit Services
United States
I got a disturbing email from my Credit Keeper stating there was activity happening on my credit report so I checked it and there was Torres Credit Services stating that I owed a sum of $93.00. For what I do not know and for who I do not know either...This makes me very concerned about the activity that strangers are able to make with absolutely no recourse for the crdeit holder..I have been trying to get a hold of someone from the compant for days and have not been successful in the conquest. These people are hurting not only my credit report but others alike with these false aligations of debt...Something needs to be done so that consumers can feel safe and protected..
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N  20th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
I too have just been notified of this so called debt on my credit report, it's for $47 don't know what it's for. I have never recieved any notices from them so don't know how they can put something on my credit report without first infroming me of such a debt.
N  30th of Mar, 2011 by    0 Votes
I just received notice through my monitoring service of derogatory info from Torres in my credit report as well. In looking closer, it is $32 from BMG and it lists the account as being opened last year. I have not opened ANY new accounts in years, and certainly not with BMG, since I am trying to pay off bad debt, not add to it. I have never hard of Torres before this either, and am filing a dispute and adding a consumer statement to the 2 credit reports this is listed on. Absurd. I have bad debt on my credit report, and am working diligently to pay it off. This she first new negative in several years and it doesn't make sense.
A  11th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
TORRES CREDIT SERVICES IS A SCAM. I received a credit alert from my credit monitoring agency saying that I owed this company that I never heard of $31. Since there was no phone #, I contacted Transunion to have it deleted and it was. Then, days after the removal it pops up on Experian, now with a phone #. So I call them and the only information they have on me is the information that I gave them. It is only then that they said that they are collecting on a debt that I paid in 2006. I disputed this with Experian as well and I am waiting for a response but in the meantime, my credit score has gone down significantly. It is so frustrating because I've worked so hard to maintain good credit.
N  20th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
I too have an item on my credit report from this company. My problem is that I am currently deployed with the US Army and have been for ten months. I checked the date on this action, and it appeared on my credit report six months after I left the States. I am just now able to check my credit again, and my score has already suffered from this company's false claim. I am just wondering what I can do right now to fix this, or if I have to wait another few months and make some calls when I am home again...
N  30th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
I've been dealing with them also. The young man I spoke to was very nice, but yesterday I spoke with a woman who was very rude. She stated that apparently I know nothing about collections. I shut sher down rather quickly when I told her I had over 15 years in billing, coding and COLLECTING!!! Our credit too was messed up by this company. When I called they stated that their last statement to us was in 2006. Hello!!!, now all at once they show up with the Credit Bureaus. I am writing a dispute letter to all of the bureaus.
A  5th of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
I as well am experiencing the same situation (mine for $43) withTorres and also it seems that weekly it is hitting on the reports so my score is going down as well.
I also have no idea who this is; what it is for. I have rec'd no letters, calls etc. so I too am clueless and do share in the absurdity, the frustration and will try the BBB or ? to file complaints... There must be someone who can help us all out. Maybe TV consumer dept or ?
A  13th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
I am going through the same thing. My Creditkeeper sent me an alert and I went in to check it and it was two things with Torres Credit Services, one for $50.00 and the other for $57.00. I have no idea what these are and there is no phone number for me to contact anyone. I did not receive anything in the mail of any such collection or debt amount. I am upset over this because I am working very hard to rebuild a shattered credit score from a divorce and these two items from Torres Credit Services is hammering my credit scores. I will be writing a letter to the bureaus to dispute these items placed on my credit report by Torres Credit Services. The economy is bad enough without this company hurting us all.
A  19th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
Not only do I have no idea what Torres thinks I haven't paid, as they've reported to all three bureaus, but the phone numbers they list are either out of service or a "ladies" talk line! Sounds awfully fraudulent to me. As this is a Sunday, I'm calling my CreditSecure folks in the morning. Grrrr.
N  22nd of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
Is everyone's monitoring service Creditkeeper?
N  4th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
I just received and alert from my credit creditkeeper today, saying there is a collection in the amount of 81.00. This Torres Credit Services is a complete scam.I also haven't received any calls, letters etc. and have no idea what this is about.this should be VERY illegal! and i would love to know how did these people get my social security #!!! I'll have to wait till tues.
N  4th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
For everyone who needs TCS phone # it is 866-756-8601, i used to work for this company and i can tell that it is a real colelction agency not a scam but the practies there are the reason i left
N  21st of Feb, 2012 by    0 Votes
Torres Credit Services, INC. This is a scam, plance and simple!!!
N  24th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
I received a notice that I am being put in collection from a company I have not had any contact with..
They say I owe Mystery Guild $34.96. I have not ordered anything from that company. And my credit is perfect. I tried to contact them but was just put on hold. I will not pah this and need to get this collection off my records, now.
My name is John Steele
N  6th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
I just checked my credit reports & GUESS WHAT? there it is, Torres Credit!!! Supposedly owe them $26, for what? I don't know!!! Gonna fight this cause I've never heard or opened anything with them & believe me I'm not gonna ruin my credit over $26!
N  23rd of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
These people are ### of the earth. I am currently looking into what it would take to file a class action suite against them. I am at the very least filling my own law suite and would recommend everyone else do the same. We are all allowed to sue for damages plus $1000. The first step is to send them a debt validation letter via certified mail. they will most likely send back an unsigned letter saying you owe money, This Is Not A Validation Of Debt!! This is the first tool in a suite against them. Next send them a cease and desist letter via certified mail letting them know they are violating the FDCPA. At this point they will most likely give up but they have still caused damages.
N  25th of Jun, 2012 by    -1 Votes
Well, it appears by all of these complaints, Torres Credit Services, is certainly not following the laws. I too, checked my credit reports and found that they had listed a collection for $50.00 on all three of my credit reports. They have never attempted to contact me in any way. I have lived at the same address and had the same phone number for over 16 years. It appears that instead of sending out any notices to people, they simply list them with the credit bureau and wait for the consumer to contact them or pay it, which is a violation of the law. Now that this has dropped my credit score I am now having to spend time and money trying to fix it. I have filed a dispute with all three credit bureaus, FTC, BBB, and the Attorney General's Office, in my state and theirs. I will also have to send a certified letter to them disputing and asking for validation of the debt. What a shame that we have to do all this because of an unscrupulous business. It says this business is a "collection agency/attorney" on my credit report. I hope it is an attorney, I would enjoy taking them to small claims court and getting $1, 000 out of them. They would have to come to where I live :) Quite a journey for this alleged $50.00 debt. I hope everyone will dispute their debt, and not just pay them...because that is what they are counting on.
N  25th of Jun, 2012 by    -1 Votes
"sigh... FDCPA...but then, you probably know that already and are just trolling for your collection agency. You are required to send a notice to the consumer, before you place it with any credit bureau. We as consumers have the right to dispute the debt, and ask for validation, which again by law, you are required to furnish to us. Yea, I know, it requires time, but hey, wouldn't you want to know that you are trying to collect a legal and valid debt before you start? I know what my debts are, thank you. This particular one is not one of them. Sadly, this could have all been cleared up if a notice had been sent prior to placing it on my credit reports. But instead Torres Credit Services chooses to ignore the law, not send out any notices, take the easy way and just place it with the credit bureaus, and hope that people will just contact them and pay. Sadly, some will. But hopefully, many won't and will complain about their practices and hopefully, they will get fined, which is exactly what needs to be done. I have no problem with a business that follows the law to conduct their business. I have no problem with Debt Collectors attempting to collect a VALID debt. Well sonny...this one isn't VALID, and judging by all the complaints, mine isn't the only one. So be a good boy or girl and simply follow the law and you won't have any problems.
A  7th of Jul, 2012 by    0 Votes
Same with me. $100 debt just showed up on my report. I have no idea who these people are.
A  8th of Jul, 2012 by    +1 Votes
Yep $100 debt to the TORRES demons showing up in my Experian report today. NEVER HEARD OF THEM-!!!...I am overseas, so I had to only try dispute it online. Sucks-!! How did they get my private and confidential details??
N  11th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
False debt isn't their only problem. Misguided collection is also an issue. They don't seem to learn that the individual they are attempting to reach, on behalf of their ignorant client, is no longer at the number they have on file. Torres called from 866-725-1173 at around 9:00 AM, on a Saturday morning, and didn't clearly identify themselves. I only knew they were a collection agency when they asked for the individual who used to have my phone number (almost 18 months ago). Calling the phone number (from Caller ID) is how I discovered who they were (by name). The woman who called, when I confronted her to find out how the error would be remedied, only stated that THEIR RECORDS would be corrected. What about the clients they represent? I suspect these agencies are playing 'pass-the-buck' when they fail to collect.

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