Topix / incites cyberbullying, racism, dangerous behavior

AR, United States Review updated:

Topix claims to be a journalism site. With journalism comes responsibility and Topix doesn't show much of that. Topix basically is nothing short of an excuse to bash other people for profit. The company claims to have over 400, 000 forums yet employs under 50 people. When Attorney Generals or a growing number of news media question them about moderating their forums, they claim they 20 percent of their staff are dedicated to keeping the site clean. LOL, even if that is true, if you have less than 50 employees and only 20 percent work on the forums, does anyone see how that might be a problem?

The forums are among the worst on the internet with a ton of racial slurs. In fact it is so bad, the NAACP needs to be involved. Many people have lost their jobs and had their reputations torn apart by this site who always claims "freedom of speech." One does not have the freedom to harm another person and that is what Topix constantly does. In fact their policy is people's feeling don't matter. Apparently people's lives don't either.

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  • 1s
      8th of Feb, 2011

    That is exactly right. Topix abuses what the first amendment was supposed to be and we need to get the media involved. They have destroyed the first amendment and are a dangerous site.

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      4th of Sep, 2016

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