Tomtop Group / order no.: bn17f27q1254-icrpqm and order no.: bn17f27q0549-a4rest

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Dear sir / ma'am,

I still have not received my order placed in 2017/06/27 using the Tomtop website. Order No.: BN17F27Q1254-ICRPQM and Order No.: BN17F27Q0549-A4REST.

After two follow-up emails with no success of service. One e-mail was sent on July 17 and response was giving stating it was close to destination post. A second follow-up e-mail was sent on August 19 met by a similar response on August 25.

Today I did a bad review for both orders on the Tomtop website as I find myself frustrated by their process and expected to have had the ordered items by now.

Best regards,


Tomtop Group
Tomtop Group
Tomtop Group
Tomtop Group

Sep 14, 2017

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