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Non delivery of xiaomi mijia m365 electric scooter

I ordered the xiaomi mijia m365 electric scooter off of tomtop on the 24th aug, it has been 42 days and it has still not arrived, I have sent emails to tomtop support with no replys, the supplied tracking number shows the item in poland awaiting collection by ups but it has been like that for over a month! Will have to escalate with my credit card company under section 75 protection.
There are quite a few of us on the hukd forums who have ordered the xiaomi m365 electric scooter from tomtop who have not recieved our orders.

Buyers be aware tomtop have cheap prices to lure new customers in but you will not recieve your item.

Update 05/10 - thank you tomtop for your generic message response, if you had read my first message you will have of read that I have sent numerous amounts of emails to your support address with no avail and that the tracking information does not work!

Update 07/10 - finally got an email back after sending several emails to them just telling me to wait longer, how much longer 3 months? 3 years?! This is just a complete and utter joke of a complete wasting my time!!! There's so many of us without the xiaomi m365 electric scooter as its apparently waiting for ups to pick up!

Update 14/10 - still waiting for it, no news, please don't ever buy from tomtop it is beyond a joke!

Tomtop sort it out and please don't just post that standard message again about emailing you 24/7 and how I can track my package online!

Order no: an17h24o5246-yyuksn

Oct 14, 2017

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