Tomtop Groupdeceitful business. stay away!!!

J Nov 25, 2017

A month ago I purchased a 3D printer from this company through eBay. First of all the reason I chose them is that they claimed to be a domestic company, based in NJ, as I needed the item quickly. Obviously now I know that are based in China. The item I received was defective. I had to take video and upload to youtube, take photos and send, it just dragged on and I kept explaining that I needed the printer working quickly (it was ordered to help out a charity who print prosthetics for children). Eventually they admit that parts were defective and offered me a $30 refund so I can go find someone to fix it!!! To take more of my time running around finding a repair place and waiting for the repair!!! I said no and that I wanted a replacement or full refund. Days later they offer $40...days later $70. Ate this point I just needed to get a working printer so I said refund $100 and I wouldn't never use the company again and also leave appropriate feedback on ebay, which I did. I got the refund and ordered another printer from a reputable company. THE NEXT DAY they contact me again saying that they had 'spoken to their manager and GOOD NEWS!!! He had approved sending a replacement", I cancelled the one I had ordered from the other company Based on this. Then they start telling me I needed to change my feedback as it was 'hurting their business' BEFORE they ship the new printer. I said no. They kept messaging me telling me I only had 10 days to change feedback, after that it was too late, this is NOT TRUE, don't fall for that. IF they send an official request for feedback update you have 10 days, otherwise you can change it whenever. I told them to send me tracking and when I saw it was on its way I would deal with the feedback. They said it would ship in two days. Three days later nothing so I messaged again. Next day I get tracking and it showed an item now shipping from CA however I could not see that it was being shipped to me so I waited. Yesterday was the delivery date and the item WAS out for SAN JOSE, CA which is 6 hours away from me. So...stay away and find a reputable company that have reliable products and who will not lie to you and try to trick you into giving they '5 Star feedback'

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