TomTop / An16l22s5303-4shjtq hd camera

Osage Beach, MO, United States

On 12-22-2016 I ordered a SJ6000 Full Action Sport Camera by accident. I canceled the order right after that and was given information it had been canceled. However on my Credit Card bill I was billed and I received the camera. Mean while I had reordered another camera and received it also. Rather than trying to return one I was going to just give the extra one as a gift.
However I was checking it out and found the battery will not keep a charge.
You can put it on charge and when you remove it the battery indicator will show full charge for about 2 seconds and then drop to 1/2 charge and then go dead. Can I get a refund since I do not need two cameras?


Jan 26, 2017

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