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After speaking via chat with live service operator "Lavender", I placed an order for some time sensitive items on December 3rd. "Lavender" assured me that they would be there by the13th, as I was leaving to go out of the country to visit family on the 14th. I ordered items from the US warehouse only just to be safe. On December 6th, I noticed that my tracking info wasn't progressing very fast, so I got on their online live chat to ask what was going on. I was answered by "Janney". Below is the exact transcript of our entire conversation, which wasted an entire hour of my life, and reads like some asinine "Who's at Bat?" skit. If the package doesn't come, well, ok, it sucks, but I'll figure out something else.

What is TOTALLY unacceptable is that I asked no less than 4 times for a supervisor name and number, and was deliberately evaded, left to sit without answers for several minutes, and patronized by Janney for over an hour. If Tmart is advertising itself as an American company, they'd better be ready to comport themselves like an American company, complete with english-fluent agents that don't type in non-sequiters, a contact phone number list somewhere on their website (which I believe is actually a legal requirement), and at least a minimal responsibility to address the requests of their customers, particularly the ones they've given bad information to. :

1:37:06 AM: Jess:
hi, sorry, I think i got cut off.
my order number is 2*******4. I can see that it is in transit, but can you tell me what day i should expect it to be delivered?

1:37:06 AM:
Welcome Jess! Your request has been directed to the Shipped but not Delivered department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.

1:37:08 AM:
Call accepted by operator Janney. Currently in room: Jess, Janney.

1:37:13 AM: Janney:
Hello, welcome to Tmart support center. What can I do for you?

1:37:20 AM: Janney:
Please wait for a moment, i am checking it for you now.

1:41:28 AM: Jess:
you still there?

1:42:24 AM: Janney:

1:42:38 AM: Janney:
Hold on, please. I am checking for you now.

1:42:48 AM: Jess:
thank you.

1:43:40 AM: Janney:
It has been shipped on Dec.3 and here is your tracking No.91*****************8, and you can track it on .

1:43:51 AM: Janney:
And you need to wait more 8 days.

1:48:35 AM: Jess:
is there nany way to speed up the shipping by paying extra at this point?

1:49:19 AM: Jess:
i am aleaving the country on the 14th, and when i proders, the representative assured me that i would get it on the 13th.

1:49:30 AM: Jess:
*when i ordered

1:51:35 AM: Janney:
But they have been shipped, and we could not change the shipping method

1:52:11 AM: Jess:
ok, then it sounds like i was given bad information by the first representative

1:52:29 AM: Jess:
i talked to, and now, I won't have the item I purchased for my trip.

1:52:40 AM: Jess:

1:53:16 AM: Janney:
Please do not worry, you need to wait 3-8 more days

1:53:58 AM: Jess:
what do you suggest that I do? I was promised by Lavender that everythingthing would be delivered on the 13th. Now I'm confused. Do I have to wait 3 days or 8 days. If I have to wait 8 days, it will not do me any good.

1:54:41 AM: Jess:
in the event that the items do not arrive by the 13th, who do I need to speak to at Tmart.

1:57:23 AM: Jess:
any suggestions?

2:00:12 AM: Jess:
are you still there?

2:01:37 AM: Janney:
The promising date for DHL is 5- 10 days,

2:05:26 AM: Jess:
Yes, I understand this. I ordered on Dec. 3rd, so even with the full 10 day shipping, I was told by your representative that it would arrive on or by the 13th. Hence, my question to you is, what is the procedure if it arrives on the 14th while I'm out of the country when it's too late for me to use, and sits on my porch for 3 weeks? Who do I speak to about the bad information I was given?

2:06:24 AM: Janney:
You could reject the parcel

2:06:47 AM: Jess:
I can't if I am out of the country when it arrives.

2:07:00 AM: Janney:
Then please refuse to receive when it arrives, and reach us for a refund when the item return to our warehouse

2:07:13 AM: Jess:
please see above.

2:07:28 AM: Jess:
I can't refuse it if I'm not there to refuse it

2:07:39 AM: Janney:
And you could return the parcel after you `ve came back

2:08:02 AM: Jess:
I just need the name of a supervisor to speak to if this doeswn't work out please. Or a phone number.

2:11:18 AM: Jess:
I understand that I'm probably going to need to go out and buy something locally for my trip, and that I will need to return the package. What is very unprofessional is that Tmart seems to be unwilling to address the fact that I was provided with incorrect information by one of your employees, and you seem to be unwilling to provide me with a route for escalation.

2:13:41 AM: Janney:
And it seems that you have not received the parcel yet, why shall we wait until 13 and say?

2:14:08 AM: Janney:
And if you need it urgently, you could do a local purchasing

2:17:58 AM: Jess:
This entire situation is a huge inconvenince; why should I have to go get it locally: I was told by your people that I would get it by the 13th. Purchasing locally will cost 3x the amount. I want a supervisor name and number NOW so that I don't have to have this same go-nowhere 30 minute circular conversation on the 13th if the package doesn't arrive. I need to be able to contact someone who can give me concrete answers immediately.

2:18:48 AM: Jess:
I'm gonig to have a lot going on, and I've already spent far too long on this mess.

2:19:14 AM: Jess:
All I need from you is a name, and a valid phone number. PLEASE.

2:19:25 AM: Janney:
And what we `ve offered is a promise date offered by shipper

2:19:54 AM: Jess:
yeah, that does NOT coincide with what your own tech people told me.

2:20:12 AM: Jess:
Name. Phone Number. That's all I'm asknig from you.

2:20:13 AM: Janney:
And if you could not reject yourself you could ask your families to do so

2:20:27 AM: Janney:
Sorry, we don`t offer the hot-line service

2:20:41 AM: Jess:

2:21:06 AM: Jess:
so, you are telling me that you're an american based ceorporation that has NO phone number?

2:21:42 AM: Janney:
And what is more, it seems that you have not received the parcel yet,

2:21:47 AM: Jess:
I find that completely unbelievable.

2:21:51 AM: Jess:
That sis correct.

2:22:15 AM: Jess:
and it appears that I probably won't in time, hence this ludicrous conversation.

2:23:00 AM: Jess:
I know that you're just following the script that you have to right now, but this is completely unacceptable customer service.

2:23:15 AM: Jess:
That stems from the fact that I was lied to by tech support.

2:24:22 AM: Janney:
And we could not promise a accurate date

2:24:35 AM: Janney:
Sometimes, we just give it as a reference

2:24:48 AM: Jess:
excatly. The problem was that someone named Lavender over there did.

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  •   Dec 12, 2012

    Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for your comment.
    We are sorry for that if any inconvenience caused by us, and all need your understanding. For your order [protected], we checking the tracking number 9102999999340031761528. It showd that Your item was delivered at 4:11 pm on December 08, 2012 in VIRGINIA BEACH, VA 23454. Would you mind telling us did your items work normally? If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Best regards
    Denise Customer Care Team

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